Silver Pool Campaign, Episode 1.2.4: Please read the first comment (click on View Results) below and THEN choose your preferred action.
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Continue as you are, walking as silently as possible to the cavern opening to see what might be in there.
Leave the torch behind and make your way to the cave opening to see if you can detect anything.
Throw the glowing torch into the cave. It may help light the space so you can see what's in there.
Dash into the cave as fast as possible to gain the initiative to deal with raiders that may be in there.
Shout out to the raiders that they are surrounded and outnumbered, and to surrender or be killed.
Some other creative option? (please comment)
Exploring the cave...
darkstar: Martelo is awake and aware, but still in pain. It's obvious he is seriously wounded and suffering from some shock. He barely has the strength to stand, but seems most upset at the blood all over his new armor. You suggest that he shouldn't fight further but should rest, instead. It will be better, you say, if he remains near the cave entrance and guard it in case other raiders should arrive while you're inside. It's an idea to which Martelo offers only token resistance and his relative compliance is an indicator of how badly he's hurt.  
Mistress Faye would rather be outside, but agrees that if she and Martelo remain in the cave, her bow will be useful fending off bandits approaching its entrance. It will be far more useful than it will be in the tunnels. She says that exploring underground really isn't her element, anyway. She agrees to wait with him just inside the entrance as the rest of you take advantage of your momentum to attack the raiders within.  
You, Dan and Aelric make ready to head deeper into the cave. From the informant Ralf, it didn't sound like the cave was very large. Preferring a shorter weapon in the narrower confines of the tunnel, you leave your spear with Martelo and Mistress Faye and unsheathe your longsword from its black scabbard. The last time it tasted blood, it was your own. Following your lead, Aelric sets his spear aside and takes the dead half-orc's shortsword, wiping Martelo's blood from its blade.  
Mistress Faye casts a small illumination cantrip on a torch, causing it to glow, unburning, with an unnatural light. She hands you the torch, the magical blue flame glinting on your sword blade and casting cold shadows on the tunnel wall.  
Dan and Aelric follow behind you as you head deeper into the tunnel as it narrows to about 3' wide and 7' high. You know you're heading right into the den of these raiders and your senses are stretching out for any clue of what's ahead. According to your calculations, there are perhaps two of them left from the original band. At least, you hope there are no more than that.  
You make your way to the bend in the tunnel, casting a glance around the turn to be sure you're not walking into a trap. So far, so good. The floor of the tunnel is a flat, hard-packed dirt that makes it easy to move silently. The three of you round the bend and you pause, holding up your hand for Dan and Aelric to do likewise. Listening intently, you can hear Aelric's nervous breathing but no sound coming from the tunnel before you.  
You move forward another 25 feet or so, when the tunnel makes a right turn. You reach this second turn and glance around the corner with similar caution. It appears that just a few feet after that turn, the tunnel opens into a larger space, perhaps a cavern, but you can't tell how large it is or what might be in it.  
You smell dankness and the accumulated body odor of unwashed inhabitants is much stronger here...