Silver Pool Campaign, Episode 1.2.6: Please read the first comment (click on View Results) below and THEN choose your preferred action.
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Try to safely retrieve the magical torch. You can use it to search the cavern as well as to see what is in the rest of the cave.
Leave the magical torch where it is, light your own torch and continue to search the cavern you're in.
Try to search the cavern you're in, despite the current dimness.
Explore one of the adjoining tunnels swiftly, despite the dimness, before any other raiders can launch a counterattack.
Return to the cave entrance to let Mistress Faye and Martelo know what has happened and get their suggestions.
Shout out for any remaining raiders to surrender or be killed.
Some other creative solution? (please comment)
Attacking the Darkness!
darkstar: As the raider turns his back and begins to run back into the cavern where he came from, you seize the moment to dash in behind him. The bandit draws back his hand with the torch and hurls it toward the far wall, some 30 feet away.  
As he releases the torch, your sword comes crashing down on the back of his shoulder. The blade bites deep into the leather coat of armor and into the flesh of his shoulder. With a loud shriek, the raider falls face-forward into the ground. A split-second later, the cavern is plunged into darkness, the magical blue light from the torch suddenly gone!  
A moment later, everything erupts in chaos. You hear your comrades behind you shouting and struggling with something or someone unseen. Nearly completely disoriented by the deep darkness, you start to move forward to follow up with the raider you already attacked. Your feet stumble a moment as you reach his legs. And with a suddenness that shocks you given the hard fall he took, the lying bandit suddenly lashes out with a kick. It glances off of your knee, painfully, causing you to step back. The sounds of continuing struggle come from behind you as your comrades continue to face some unknown threat, probably another raider.  
You aim a sword slash where your foe was lying. It misses, the blade striking the hard floor ineffectually. You hear the raider regain his feet, scraping his spear on the ground as he scoops it up. Another sword slash, this time horizontally, meets resistance mid-arc, but you can tell it doesn't penetrate deeply through the armor. A grunt comes from the raider, followed by a swooshing sound of a spear being swung very near your ear. That one almost got you!  
You boldly move forward in the blackness, hoping to make the longer spear less effective by cutting off its striking arc. This action is rewarded when you make contact with the raider's right arm and the barrel of his spear against your left side: you've gotten inside his striking range! Reaching out with your left hand, you grab at his arm and pin it to you so he can't strike with it. As you do, his left hand claws and pushes away desperately at your face, trying to disengage from your hold. The smell of your opponent's sweat and fear assails your nostrils as you struggle with him in the darkness. Steadying yourself as you gauge your positioning, you aim a sword thrust near where you think his torso is. Your blade strikes home, sinking deeply into the raider's belly. His body goes slack and he slumps to the ground with a groaning sigh, his spear clattering to the floor beside him.  
The sounds of struggle cease behind you, as well, and you can tell from the voices that Dan and Aelric have dispatched their threat. A quick inquiry from you confirms they are both okay. Dan answers your questions, saying a raider lurking in one of the smaller side rooms leaped out after you and was about to stab you in the back when Dan and Aelric interposed themselves. They blocked his strike at your back the moment before the light went out. He's dead now, his body lying at their feet.  
As you peer about in the dark cavern, panting from the fight, you realize you are actually able to dimly make out some shapes. There appears to be a source of light coming from somewhere! In the barely perceptible space, you follow the light toward the back of the cavern and see there a pool of water along the back wall, extending in a semi-circle about eight feet from the wall. You can see the blue glow of the magical torch coming from where it rests on a rock ledge, some 15 feet below the silent surface of the extraordinarily clear water...
darkstar: Previous episodes and character data sheet here.  
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numbah 2
Look, if I'm seeing this right, that torch is 15 feet under the water. Does subterranean diving really seem like the best choice at this point, when we don't know who or what else is in the cave, much less the water? I say no way.  
Light another torch (or 3), check out every place we can. The lesson to take from this encounter is: fighting in the dark is bad, and puts the cave-dwelling bandits at an advantage. I say we shed some light and ruthlesslessly cleanse this hole of all the raider scum that's accumulated over the years. Once we know they're taken care of, then we can go torch fishing.