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Give him another chance. He's inexperienced, but will learn. You need the extra help in the party and Martelo should settle down now that he's been through this experience.
Drop him from the party. He's a loose cannon out to prove something and you don't need that kind of headache, even if it means you will be one person fewer.
Some other creative option? (please comment)
Justice for a Brigand
darkstar: Though the idea of possibly recruiting Durk has merits, you can't bring yourself to trust the bandit. And the idea of having no justice for a hooligan who has been part of the raids on your beloved village doesn't sit well at all, so letting him go isn't a popular idea among your comrades. You tell Aelric to get Durk ready for the trek back to the village.  
As Aelric gags Durk and replaces the burlap sack on his head, Durk struggles, realizing the obvious fact that he's not being let go. A sharp cuff on the head from the pommel of Aelric's dagger settles the raider a bit, and occasional prods from it's sharp tip are sufficient to keep the captive relatively quiet and moving in the right direction.  
Your party quietly makes its way back down the hill, skirting past the cave clearing with extra caution. No sign of the visitors can be seen in the early morning light. Once you are well past the area, the party settles into a more relaxed, steady hiking pace. You stop a few times for rest and a meal but make good time, notwithstanding your extra packs of loot and the captive in tow. A few snags with Durk are easily overcome, given the raider's bonds. The stout Martelo hikes easily, showing no signs of his injury, so serious the day before. He easily carries the extra weight, including the cask of oil that has been roped to the top of his overstuffed pack.  
You arrive back in Foxglove in late afternoon and are soon standing before Elder Milo in the private dining room at his inn. Handing over your captive, you recount your experiences of the day before. Milo gives Martelo a look of concern when you relate the part about his being nearly killed. "You realize," Milo tells him, "that it would cause your mother no end of worry if she found out. I suggest you don't tell her how close a shave you got out there." Martelo nods, sheepishly.  
Milo turns back to Durk. "It'll be the hangman's noose for this one," he says, with a grimace of disgust at the bandit. Durk, still hooded, begins to struggle and groan past his gag, but is soon brought under control by Aelric and Martelo, and not too gently by the latter, either. "Take him down to the cellar. It has a stone floor and walls," says Milo, handing Aelric a key. "Lock him in the last storeroom and I'll send word to the Reeve that we've caught one of these vermin. He'll be secure down there until we can get rid of him." Aelric and Martelo roughly usher the bound man off to his makeshift cell.  
"I have business to attend to," says Mistress Faye, "so if you'll excuse me, I'll take my leave for now." With nods of assent from you, Milo and Dan, she strides from the room. Dan stands up, too, heading for the door. "I'll bring in the packs."  
When you and Milo are alone, he turns to you and fixes you with an intense look. "So, what do you want to do about Martelo?" he asks.
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Bring Martelo along.
FoolProof: He's learned his lesson the hard way. Give him a stern talk about following orders. He's a brute and we could use him in a fight. He'd be missed.
FoolProof: And don't forget to go Gitmo on Durk. Get every bit of info we can out of him.  
Sleep dep. Stress positions. Waterboarding. Primetime TV.  
That sort of thing.
AB: Don't forget the teatime session with Ss!
pneum0nic: I'll drink to dat!