Silver Pool Campaign, Episode 1.3.3: Please read the first comment (click on View Results) below and THEN choose your preferred action.
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Use the rope to get Faye's bow and arrows to her. Have her fire at the boar as long as possible. She may be able to drive it off or kill it.
Use the rope to create a sort of snare with which to try to trap the dire boar.
Wait in the trees for a while, hoping the dire boar will eventually leave.
Have everyone climb down and attack the dire boar en masse.
Have Aelric use something else from your pack? (please comment details)
A Well Executed Plan
darkstar: Over the deafening squeals of the dire boar slashing at Dan's tree, you quickly hatch a rudimentary plan with your party. Dan, still conscious but obviously in great pain, nods agreement. Your comrades and you tense, ready for action.  
Martelo initiates the plan by surreptitiously climbing out of his tree on its opposite side, partly screening him from the boar's view. You ready a sling stone from your belt pouch. The giant beast is too intensely focused on Dan to pay attention to Martelo as he then swiftly dashes in front of the tree.  
"Yaaaaaaahhh!" shouts Martelo, jumping up and down to get the dire boar's attention. You hurl a sling stone that strikes the animal in the rump. The beast turns, stung by the stone, grunting and squealing furiously at the interruption of its focus, but still seems unwilling to leave Dan's tree. Another stone from you strikes the animal in its face. It squeals and stamps the obviously have its attention, but it still holds its ground under Dan's perch.  
That changes swiftly when Martelo lunges to seize the bloody spear from the ground where it fell when it was knocked from the boar's side. He hurls the spear at the dire boar and it strikes the creature in the upper back, behind it's head. A squeal of rage precedes a thundering charge from the massive animal! Martelo dashes behind his tree once more and barely climbs out of the range of the massive tusks. You continue to hurl sling stones at the thing to keep its focus away from what happens next.  
Aelric and Faye waste no time. They drop from their trees and pass each other, each on a separate mission. Faye rushes to Dan's tree and climbs to stand on a branch beside him. Aelric dashes to the center of the clearing, grabs your pack and continues on to Faye's now vacated tree.  
As Aelric makes to climb the tree, he glances back to see the dire boar. Satisfied that the boar is still preoccupied, he dashes back into the clearing and grabs Faye's bow and arrows. Seeing Aelric slinging the weapons over his other shoulder, you hurl your last sling stone at the boar to provide as much distraction as possible. Aelric rushes back and climbs the tree safely.  
When you're satisfied everyone is off of the ground, you turn your attention to Faye and Dan. Faye is in mid-meditation, and shortly it is done. Dan rouses his head, looking in good shape, if harried. Faye says something to him that you cannot hear and you see him smile and nod. He stands on the limb with little evident difficulty and tests his leg. He waves at you. "I'm good!" he shouts, with a broad smile, to the relief of everyone. Your straightforward plan went surprisingly well!  
The spear still protrudes from the boar's back and another trail of blood oozes from the wound. The creature gives a few more perfunctory slashes at Martelo's tree and then begins patrolling the ground between the two of you, its enraged squeals still piercing the night...
darkstar: Previous episodes and character data sheet here.  
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lagbnaft: Quickly grab the ball of twine and rope from my pack, tie the twine to the end of the rope and lasoo the spear. Once it is, I jump down out of the tree and start running around and around the boar, tying it up. Then I kill it-n-grill-it.
pdxpogo: Did we mention this is a big boar? Ever hear of a Nantucket Sleigh Ride? Hang on tight good buddy ;-)
lagbnaft: That's why I'm wraping him up, he won't be able to move with his legs ties up. Boars are not smart, I am.
harumph I says
FuzzyDave: I see there is no option for using The Golden Mallet in order to bonk the boar and turn it into a kettle of Sleepy Time tea.
darkstar: Sadly, the Nouvelle Cuisine has not yet penetrated this part of the forest.
FuzzyDave: heh.  
heh heh
So what's in the pack?
AB: I forgot.
darkstar: Listed on your char sheet (scroll down). :)
I'd prefer to snare the beast
pdxpogo: At least give it a go before trying to shoot the animal with a bow. This is a big sucker arrows may or may not have an effect on the boar and I'd hate to lose too many arrows if the boar gets bored and trots off into the wood. Having wounded the beast I believe we are obligated to end its suffering. Much easier to do if he is snared, so lets try and snare this pup first. No offense to Mistress Faye but smaller boar usually take several shots with a compound bow to be brought down. Firing from a tree at a target 30 feet away is a challenging shot. Anyway doesn't hurt anything to try the snare first.
pneum0nic: Now yer talkin some sense!
pneum0nic: Not that you weren't talkin sense before...  
Now YOURE talkin sense.
I vote snare. Perhaps we can get the rope around its neck, having first tied the other end of the rope to the stoutest tree we can find. Provided the rope and the tree can both withstand the strength of the boar, it will be relatively immobilized and we can dispatch it from a distance using spears and arrows. If we can get a good strong slipknot in the rope, and the rope around its neck, we might be able to strangle the boar.