Silver Pool Campaign, Episode 1.3.4: Please read the first comment (click on View Results) below and THEN choose your preferred action.
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Use ranged weapons to kill the dire boar from a distance. It will be safer that way.
Attack the dire boar with close-range weapons, such as your spears and sword. It will be more honorable that way.
Gather your things and continue your trek tonight, leaving the boar tethered. Perhaps you or someone else can come back in a day or two to free it, once you've reached Brother Owen.
Try to find some way to free the boar but force it to run off, so it's no longer a threat. That way, you won't have to kill it. (Please comment details).
Some other creative option? (Please comment details.)
Survival Snaring
darkstar: You are safe in the trees, but the enraged dire boar is still afoot beneath you. A brief discussion ensues as to how best to deal with the creature. You can't sleep in the trees all night and the squeals of the monstrous boar wouldn't let you even if you could! You decide to create a snare using the rope in your pack, now in Aelric's possession.  
Faye's magical light extinguishes, the spell exhausted. You cast a light cantrip on a copper coin from your beltpouch and throw it in the center of the clearing, onto your bedroll, where it casts a bluish-green illumination across the area again. The boar is minimally distracted by it, and continues to stamp through the underbrush around the trees in which you're perched.  
Aelric ties one end of the rope securely to his tree trunk and fashions the other end into a snare knot of the kind that many of the villagers use when snaring small game. This is no small game, however, so you urge Aelric to make the thing extra stout. Rather than leaving the rope as a stationary snare, Aelric will try to lasso the beast when it comes nearby.  
Aelric positions himself and throws the snare at the animal's head. A miss! The animal, sensing a new kind of danger, stops its incessant squealing and now utters thunderous, sporadic squeals that perforate the night air. It stamps at the ground and advances a few feet toward Aelric's tree, looking for an enemy to attack. You and your comrades shift uncomfortably in the trees and hold your breath as Aelric reels in the rope for another try.  
Repositioning himself, Aelric casts the snare again -- it falls over the boar's head! The boar, sensing the snare on the back of it's neck, twists fiercely to avoid the threat. In doing so, it tightens the noose around it's head - success!  
The dire boar, outraged at the snare, backs up and shakes its head fiercely. The rope goes taught and seems like it will snap with the boar's ferocious jerking and pulling. Martelo's spear is shaken loose from the boar's back and falls in the middle of the clearing. The rope holds, however, sending shudders up the tree where Aelric is sitting. The creature begins to panic, its deafening squeals now even louder, taking on the higher pitched tone not merely of aggression, but also of fear. Faye covers her ears, so piercing are the sounds. You imagine that every animal in the forest within a mile has heard this thing.  
When the dire boar turns to run, it dashes between two trees on the periphery of the clearing next to Aelric. As it turns past them, the rope is caught on one and the boar is brought up short again, violently. The boar pauses a brief moment, frustrated and angry. It turns again and wraps the rope around the tree, diminishing its reach. Another frenzied turn and the rope again loses a couple of feet of reach. The dire boar now only has about five feet of tether.  
A flurry of struggling by the huge beast causes the rope to creak and make popping noises, but it keeps its integrity. A few minutes of this and the boar pauses. Its squeals have stopped and its efforts to extricate itself are perfunctory. It heaves huge, ragged breaths as it makes the occasional tug at the rope, with no success.  
You and your comrades slowly and cautiously descend from the trees and recover your equipment and weapons. The dire boar, still giving infrequent yanks and emitting squeals now somewhat diminished in vigor, eyes you balefully from its place of entrapment at the edge of the clearing...  
darkstar: Previous episodes and character data sheet here.  
All welcome to participate, regardless of whether you've voted in earlier episodes.
Which is faster?
AB: Long or close range?  
Let's just get this over with, regardless of the animal's pain or your honor.
darkstar: It takes approximately as much time to throw a spear from a distance as it does to use it to attack at close range.
I can taste it already...
pneum0nic: BACON for breakfast!