The Silver Pool 1.1.2: Please read the first comment (see results) below and THEN choose your preferred action.
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Return to the village and inform the elders that there might be a raid that night. Give them the information you've collected and help them prepare for the assault.
Quietly back out of the thicket and try to track the single bandit who left the camp earlier.
Scout around the area carefully and try to find out more.
Attack the dozing brigands!
Continue to observe the band from where you are.
Do something else creative (please comment).
The Scenario:
darkstar: Campaign: The Silver Pool.    
Scenario: Foxglove Raiders. (Scene 1.1.2)  
You're torn between waiting to see what else might happen and wanting to scout around the outside of the cave a bit more to see if there is anything else to learn. Peering around, you can't see much because the little thicket you're in blocks your view. Eventually, though, you decide to remain where you are for a bit longer, reasoning that your scouting might tip off someone to your presence and you don't wish to do that yet. You settle back to wait, fixing your good eyes on the cave mouth about twenty yards away...  
The day draws on, the sun rising high into the sky. After another hour or so, just before the sun reaches it's zenith, you hear more activity in the cave, shuffling feet and the tell-tale metallic clatter of armor. Slowly, the brigands begin to come awake and step out of the cave, eight or ten, it seems. Some go to relieve themselves before returning. Some sit down on the rocks near the cave entrance and begin to sift through their bags. A couple of them appear to be sharpening their knives on whetstones, arguing loudly over technique.  
A few take hard cheeses out of their bags, cutting off sections to gnaw on. Even from the distance, you still recognize those cheeses - they're the kind the Widow Porter had stolen from her cellar a week ago.  
A general, muttered conversation begins, not all of which you can hear. From what little you can make out, it seems the night before saw the last of the beer they'd stolen and one is angry that he didn't get as much as the others. Another scruffy man says something brusquely with a laugh and the others burst out laughing. The one that had complained about the beer makes a retort and throws his helmet at the joker and stalks off away from the group, taking his spear with him.  
During this time, you notice that a few of them aren't just ugly, but they don't seem fully human. The language they're using is mostly the common tongue, with some guttural words thrown in there with which you're not familiar. Orcs or half-orcs? You've never seen an orc before, but you've heard about them lots from passing merchants who've been attacked.  
Most of them carry short swords and daggers, though a few of them have spears and daggers. Some wear leather armor, though others do not. Either the others don't have armor or they haven't put it on yet.  
After another ten minutes or so, a human, taller and more burly than the rest, comes out of the cave. He wears a black tunic and breeches, with high black boots. He runs his fingers through his long, black hair to straighten it. He's dusty and disheveled, but dressed in nicer clothes than the others. He wears no armor, but he does have a long-sword on his side and a dagger, the large silver buckle, in the shape of what appears to be a spider, on his scabbard belt glinting in the sun. He's clearly in command, given the way he's dressed and how he orders the others around.  
One gets up to make room for him on a rock and another brings him some cheese. He eats a little and directs them to stoke the fire and set up a pot to cook something, though you can't tell what it is. After several minutes, however, the smell of the cooking potage reaches your nostrils and you can tell that they're using dried fish to make a soup. Dried fish that was also stolen from your little village, no doubt. There are some groans from a few about the heavily salted fish, but the soup is dished up and the band eats greedily. You also take the opportunity to eat some of your rations and slake your thirst from your waterskin.  
Within a few minutes, most have wolfed down their meals. The leader says something about "rest up", and then returns to the cave. The other nine stretch out to doze in the shade of the trees.  
It's now early afternoon. You figure that your friend might be back at the village by now. Loud snores can be heard from a few of the dozing brigands. The one who stalked off has not yet returned. You stretch your legs in your hiding spot and once more consider your options.  
What do you do?
deathburger: Too much reading. Can't be bothered.

I say call the DM over, and fire some magic missiles or a fireball.

darkstar: Heheh...fair enough.  
And to clarify for others, you don't have any spell-casting ability, yet.  
Your character is basically a 1st-level Ranger type, if that helps. However, I'm not adhering too closely to the restrictions of formal classes, so you could develop other, non-traditional skills as we go.
ultrafastx: Find the single lone bandit, ambush him and kill him quickly if possible. Return to the camp and, assuming they are still asleep, pick off any members on the edge of the main group by sneaking up and slitting their throats.