Girl Talk - All Day
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Free album. (pay as you wish)  
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Balloon Bass
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The balloon bass is a musical instrument made of one round balloon and two skinny (twisting) balloons... The balloon bass is a three-and-one-half octave instrument, costs about $.15 to make, and can last for months at a time.  
Sean Rooney devised the principle of the balloon resonator in 1992 and invented an instrument he called the balloon guitar. He showed Addi Somekh how to make the resonator one afternoon in 2000 in Montreal. Since then, Addi has made various modifications on Sean's original design, developing more of a bass-type instrument.  
People encountering the balloon bass for the first time are often struck by how such a strange and simple contraption can produce such a variety of sounds (including very low bass notes) and by the fact that one can really play tunes on it...
Site includes links to performances by Addi solo and with other musicians (YouTube channel), and full album (Air, Rubber and Soul) available for [free music] download.
On Sept. 9, 2009 I experienced something that I still am having trouble believing happened to me.  
I came into the possession of a cassette tape containing a Beatles album that was never released.  
I don't expect you to believe what happened to me, I sure wouldn't, but that's why I grabbed the tape as proof that my experience was real.  
If you want to download the album use the links to the left or grab the zip file!
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October 6, 2009 - For guys who seem to have done everything, sometimes all at once, The Flaming Lips' members haven't stopped innovating. Centered on Wayne Coyne and his manic creative energy, the group continues to push itself toward change and experimentation. That's certainly true in the case of the new Embryonic, which showcases yet more shape-shifting. You can listen to the new album here, in its entirety, a week before it hits stores on Oct. 13.  
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Andrew and Dave of radio show Six Million Steps interview songwriter Rod Temperton, whose hits for Michael Jackson include "Thriller", "Rock With You" and "Off The Wall".  
Includes 24 tracks spanning Temperton's 70's/80's work, from his time with the R&B group Heatwave to Jackson, Quincy Jones, George Benson, Michael McDonald, Patti Austin & James Ingram, Manhattan Transfer, Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Rufus & Chaka Khan, and the Brothers Johnson.  
[free music], available as audio stream or MP3 download (167MB).  
Forget the magazine editors & big label marketing budgets. This is the best music from 2008 chosen by the most passionate music fans alive: music bloggers.  
Blog Fresh Radio produced our radio show featuring songs from the Top 50 Albums, music blogger interviews and more.  
Musebin, the newly launched 1-line music review site, provided the album reviews pulled from music blogs listed on The Hype Machine.  
imeem is powering the [Flash] radio show player and full album playback of the Top 50 Albums!
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An exhaustive archive of pretty much every piece of anime-related music you could imagine.  
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Despite the continual legal pursuit of music file-sharing "criminals" by the "RIAA, the ability to find great music and create a significant music library at virtually no cost is still quite feasible. So we'll start by dividing this into categories and giving a few examples of what we know. But it's up to you to fill in the blanks.  
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This is my (= Frank Mc Gahon) account of 3 years of record digging in West Africa. The archive below shows you all my previous posts, the ones which end with "-MP3-" will lead you towards one hour long mixes recorded with records found on my trips. I just added a horribly shakey lo-definition road clip video and more text to the "fetishes of kissidougou" post so even those who have read this one before might want to check it out.  
He's trying to track down the fruits of the '70s African funk boom, before all the vinyl decays or gets lost, and meeting the people who made the records along the way.  
> the mixes ; > his dj work  
fela kuti - always remember him as a true musical giant, glad i saw him live in vienna  
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A mashup is a piece of music formed by mixing elements of at least two existing songs together, usually by combining the acappella part of one song with the music track of another. If you're at all interested in sampling, or if you're curious about this fascinating and controversial musical genre, these 18 albums, around 200 tracks and extra bonus links should provide plenty of inspiration!  
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Many of us have extensive music libraries that go beyond commercially released albums, so let's all share some of the rarer pieces of our respective catalogs.  
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Grime Wikipedia
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This site is dedicated to collecting information on Grime music. Search on the left handside to find information on anything to do with Grime! From Grime Designers to Grime DJs they are all included on this site. Or click any of the links to just browse through the site at anything that takes your interest. If you are after some free music click on the free download link on the left where a selection of free stuff is available!  
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It's Hard to Find a Friend
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It's Hard to Find a Friend is a music blog which focuses mainly on that which pertains to the Indie Music culture. Hard to Find a Friend was born in October of 2006, on a cold and boring night in Nashville, Tennessee, under the tender loving care of me; Caleb Palma.  
With several thousand unique eyes a day Hard to Find a Friend has had the pleasure of hosting lots of great and exclusive content from Interviews to mixtapes and even an exclusive Holiday album.  
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Bufettlibre DJ's started a mega project called REWIND. They are collecting covers, remixes and mashups of cheesy 80's songs. The tracks in the collection are by current up an coming indie and electro bands and artists, so the high funfactor is guaranteed. Huge archive, great collection.  
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StumbleAudio is a social music discovery site with a mission is to help you find music by new and exciting artists that you would like, rather than play or sell you the hits by known artists that you are “expected” to love.  
Our catalog has over 2,000,000 tracks by over 120,000 artists ready to be played in full length, high quality, free of charge.
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