A federal judge Monday authorized the seizure of several billion dollars worth of assets related to an investigation of businessman Tom Petters and several of his businesses and associates, who allegedly carried out a massive investment fraud scheme.  
U.S. District Judge Ann Montgomery appointed Minneapolis attorney Doug Kelley as a receiver to oversee Petters Group Worldwide, Petters Co. Inc. and related companies. The order excluded Sun Country Airlines, which filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition Monday.  
The government said in court pleadings that it has probable cause to believe that the alleged fraud scheme has bilked "in excess of $3 billion" from investors since 1995.  
Petters, who has maintained his innocence, is in federal custody on charges of mail and wire fraud, money laundering and obstruction of justice...
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Black Hole Organizer
Posted by Schauspieler in gadgets 11 years ago
Tired of losing your important notes? Have a task to complete? Reminder programs too complicated to use?? Download Black Hole Organizer now!  
All tooooo often you sit down to draft a letter or jot some quick notes down and you lose them somewhere on that thing we call a desk, otherwise known as a Black Hole. Well now you can organize that Black Hole with Black Hole Organizer! You can store all of your notes and documents in one convenient place AND you can get them back out again. Simply put, it's the best organizer software application going!  
With Black Hole Organizer's text editor you can create beautiful documents that you can either print or email to others as needed. Below we touch on just a few of the features that you will find inside Black Hole Organizer but be sure to download and give it a work out to find out just how it can save you time!  
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Visitors to Legoland Windsor yesterday helped set a new world record for the tallest tower made of Lego bricks.  
Thousands of children and their families helped put the final bricks in place to complete the monster structure, which stands nearly 100ft tall.  
The tower is designed to resemble a Viking longboat mast to mark the opening of the new Land of the Vikings at the Berkshire theme park.
Undecided? Perhaps this will help you see through the "Breck Girl" rhetoric the right is throwing around about John Edwards.  
Emails to supporter base from May 1 - May 24  
May 2: Edwards asks his supporters for money to run TV ads to urge Congress not to back down and to send President Bush the same bill over and over again. This is money out of his own campaign; instead of promoting his campaign, he's fighting for the top issues that he believes in.  
May 8: Edwards ask his supporters to sign a petition urging Congress to stand firm and not back down to Bush's demands  
May 10: Edward warns his supporters that Congress is considering giving Bush funding without withdrawal. He's asking people to donate so he can run a newspaper ad in the Washington Post opposing such a position.  
May 14: Edwards urges his supporters to speak out against the war on Memorial Day and to call their Representative and urge them to stop funding the war.  
May 24: An hour after the Senate caved to Bush, Edwards announces the defeat to his supporters, but urges them not to be discouraged and to continue the fight with specific suggestions.  
May 7: Obama urges his supporters to organize a walk for Obama's Presidential campaign on June 9  
May 17: Clinton asks her supporters to help her choose a theme song for her campaign.  
Disclaimer: I'm still hoping for an Edwards/Kucinich ticket.
Sweet, funny, heart-breaking; the usual gamut.  
Even more letters here.
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The Pony Express was founded by William H. Russell, William B. Waddell, and Alexander Majors. Plans for the Pony Express were spurred by the threat of the Civil War and the need for faster communication with the West.  
The Pony Express consisted of relays of men riding horses carrying saddlebags of mail across a 2000-mile trail. The service opened officially on April 3, 1860, when riders left simultaneously from St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California. The first westbound trip was made in 9 days and 23 hours and the eastbound journey in 11 days and 12 hours. The pony riders covered 250 miles in a 24-hour day.  
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The Dead Letter Office
Posted by YepYep in the wired 14 years ago
The premise is simple: You are now dead. You just died. You don't know how it happened, you don't know what happens now. The only thing you know for certain is that your life is over.  
This is your opportunity to write one letter to the world. You may say anything you want. You may use as many or as few words as necessary.  
Be sure to explore some of the letters people have written.  
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Giving Hitler Hell
Posted by LinusMines in the "other" pile 14 years ago
When Nazi decrees destroyed Arnold Weiss's family, leaving him abandoned, it would have been hard to imagine this powerless child one day returning to Germany to mete out a rough justice of his own  
This is the story of a man who has stared evil in the eye and held the fates of mass murderers in his hands. It begins at a company picnic, where children are cavorting as their parents dine on healthful salads and low-carb entrees. This is appropriate, in a roundabout way, because alongside the theme of hard, brutal justice, this story also concerns the American dream...
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A theme running through coverage of the tragic case of Terri Schiavo is that if she had only had a living will, the long-running controversy over whether to preserve her life in what court-appointed doctors have called a "persistent vegetative state" could have been avoided.  
But living wills, while desirable, are only part of the package of documents that Americans today should have in order to resolve not only end-of-life issues but also broader questions that arise from serious medical conditions.  
Experts recommend that the medical and end-of-life documents be part of a broad estate plan, one that includes a regular will and perhaps trusts and other legal instructions that will result in an orderly disposition of a person's property and affairs in ways that minimize family strife, taxes and other costs.  
"That's ideal," said attorney Deborah A. Cohn... "but frankly, if the only issues a person is willing to address are these medical ones, [doing that] at least...solves that problem."
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National Photocolor Corporation is a manufacturer of off-the-shelf and custom pellicles. We offer a broad selection of pellicle beamsplitters, filters and windows for UV to IR applications. Many custom type coatings and specially sized mounts are available for shipment within days after receipt of an order. In addition to special pellicle membranes, frames and coatings we offer technical and prototype design assistance. As each application is different, we welcome your call, fax or email. We will help you design the right pellicle for your application.  
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Single men and women in Britain may have the loosest sexual morals in the world, according to a survey out [last August].  
Nearly six in 10 Brits surveyed said it was normal for a person in their 30s to have had 10 or more lovers during their single years.  
Only Germany and the United States recorded similar results with 52% and 49% respectively...  
In comparison, just 17% of Chinese and 30% of French consider it normal to have had a number of lovers in the double digits.
[Theme Day: Screw Morals!]
The political satirists at JibJab will unleash their latest satire about the U.S. presidential campaign Thursday night.  
Company co-founder Gregg Spiridellis said in an e-mail that the company will launch its latest short film, titled "Good to Be in DC!" on the "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on NBC. After the film's East Coast debut, both JibJab and its partner, Atom Films, will begin making the flash-animation creation available for download on their Web sites.  
In the new piece, Spiridellis and his brother Evan again poke fun at Bush, Kerry and vice presidential candidates Dick Cheney and Sen. John Edwards. Other people lampooned in the musical film, which will use folk song "Dixie" as its theme, include Al Gore, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and beleaguered CBS anchorman Dan Rather.
Who hasn't seen JibJab's previous parody by now (at LF)?  
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A magazine survey of the 100 greatest guitarists lists only two women. So where are the guitar heroines?  
A timely essay in particular for LF, given the Theme Day this past week.  
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Theme Thursday
Posted by bear in the wired 15 years ago
Theme Thursday was started by Jenn in July of 2002. After giving birth to her daughter in November of 2002, she handed the reigns over to reb in December of 2002. Each Theme Thursday task is posted to this web site every Thursday at around 12 AM EST. An e-mail is sent as well, usually on Monday morning, to subscribers of the Theme Thursday list. Once you've taken your photo and posted it on your site, feel free to post a link here so that other people can see what this week's theme means to you. If you'd like to suggest a theme, send an e-mail with your suggestion, the idea behind it, your name, and the url to your web site so you can receive proper credit.
Posted by maximus in the wired 15 years ago
Fed up with your existing e-mail address? Why not excercise your right to free speech (whether you have a right to free speech or not) by getting a new free e-mail address with the word 'fuck' in it, thus revealing what you REALLY think of Hotmail or Microsoft or both?  
BTW, its too late, [email protected] was gone by the time I got there - and now [email protected] is taken too!  
(We seem to have a theme going after yesterday's "Expletive Deleted" Link #32894)