Do you like comics? Maybe dabble on your own with illustrations and storyboards? Well, try this, skippy --  
Scott McCloud has started a challenge to create '24-Hour Comics'. Take a full day -- but no more -- and create a complete, 24-page comic book, artwork, dialogue and all. Are you up for the challenge?  
Yeah, me either. But Scott and Steve (the original participants), and the dozens of other artists who've taken the challenge, have done such a great job, it's a treat just to read theirs. Not to mention easier.
Check out AnswerBag! What's an AnswerBag, you ask? Well, I'll tell you -- from the site itself, we get this quote:  
Answerbag is a universal, user-generated collection of frequently-asked questions. It is built and moderated by you, our users - please feel free to look for answers, post answers, or post questions!  
So if you've got a question burning in your brain, or weird, obscure info just dying to get out, check out AnswerBag. As of 'press time', the most recently asked questions ranged from topics like 'epileptic seizures', to how to 'deep-fry ice cream', to a 'Torsen limited-slip differential'.  
Do you know the answers? Then get out there and 'bag it!
Seeing as how FuzzyDave has already posted The Saucy NewsBabes of FOXTV a couple of months ago, I thought we should hear from another network's newsladies.  
So here's a set of head shots of the lovely and talented MSNBC babes. Check 'em out -- bring 'em up side-by-side, and see who you think has the better news eye candy.  
Frankly, I don't watch either station very often. But I'll tell you this -- MSNBC's Michelle Kosinski and Sophie Conover would so kick FoxNews' Laurie Dhue's and Heather Nauert's asses in a tag-team wrestling match. Or a pillow fight. Or a lingerie fashion show.  
Now that's news I'd pay to watch.
'Sex Positions Illustrated' is just that -- descriptions and pictures of every sexual position you've ever heard of, plus one or two to grow on. It's frank, open, and honest-to-goodness serious stuff. No giggles and blushing here, folks. They're here to help us help ourselves.  
(And, well, to help each other, of course. It does take two to tango, after all. And, apparently, to 'jellyfish', 'catapult', and 'corkscrew', too. Oh, my.)
This is a site full of spoooooky info of all kinds, grouped into categories like 'Paradox Theories', 'Black Art', and 'Armageddon'.  
It's pretty clear that English is not the site author's first language... but somehow, that just adds to the mystery. Best to read it with a friend, just in case.
This is the site for you, if you're interested in learning more about the virtual cornucopia of contraceptive techniques. All your favorites are here -- the pill, the rubber, the diaphragm, the 'snip'... it's like a greatest hits of safe sex!  
And such interesting trivia -- I never realized that the sponge was such a crapshoot, for instance. (Up to 36% failure rate -- ouch!) Or that the 'female condom' was so damned complicated.  
Of course, it's not all surprises here. Under 'Abstinence', one of the side effects is 'Sexual frustration'. Um, yeah. Amen to that.
Zack Huang is a happy man, a family man, and by all accounts, an intelligent man. For this, we should all respect him.  
But Zack is also... a bug-eater. An unabashed, proud, no-apologies bug-eater, and this site offers many, many pictures to prove it.  
Zack is quite the insect connoisseur, in fact, grossing us out with pics of himself and his family chowing down on scorpions, caterpillars, beetles, hornets, and more.  
If you're thinking of adding yummy, protein rich bugs to your diet, or are just curious about which little critters are considered delicacies in certain cultures, then give Zack's site a try. If nothing else, you'll see how gross you're going to look to the rest of us, as we try to keep our meals down. Yuck!
The latest 'Men's Journal' brings us the '50 Best Guy Movies of All Time' (plus one to grow on).  
I'm a guy, and I've gotta admit -- most of my favorites are here: from Caddyshack and Fletch to The Dirty Dozen and The Untouchables.  
Other than the fact that I'd give Luc Besson a spot or two on the list, I've got no complaints. And now, I've got a dozen or so movies that I haven't seen to check out -- without my wife, of course. I already know she wouldn't like them. Thank you, Men's Journal!
The Plain English Campaign strives for better understanding through... well, to put it simply (and just the way they want it) -- plain English.  
The group is a watchdog for obfuscation, runaround, and gobbledygook from politicians, the media, and other public figures.  
Of special note on their site is the 'Annual Awards' link -- the 2003 Foot in Mouth award was just given to US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for a rambling, incoherent, babbling comment he made about what we know, and what we don't know, and what we know we know, and what we know we don't know, and... oh, look, just go see for yourself. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.
According to the new 'City Crime Rankings', Amherst, NY is the safest city in America, for the fourth year in a row. No word on whether it's because all the would-be criminals are napping, or slitting their wrists out of boredom.  
On the other end of the scale, Detroit, MI returns as the most dangerous city, after being edged out last year by St. Louis, MO. Congratulations(?) to Detroit to reclaiming the 'crime crown' it held in 1999-2001, before getting pimp-slapped by St. Louis last year. Way to come back, Motor City!  
Looking closer, four of the 'most dangerous' cities are in the midwest -- Detroit, St. Louis, Dayton, OH, and Gary, IN. What the hell is the 'Bible belt heartland' coming to, anyway?
This is a 'word's-eye view' of the stellar and storied career of Chick Hearn, long-long-longtime Los Angeles Lakers announcer who passed away in August of 2002.  
It's a great place to learn more about the legend who occupied the 'Chick's Nest', as part of the 'Chicken Stew' broadcasting team, among others. There are links to other sites, a short bio section, and an extensive list of Chick-isms, including several with audio clips.  
You'll be 'wound up like a toy on Christmas morning' if you're a Chick Hearn fan; this site is 'like refried beans on the stove -- it's always hot'. Don't get caught 'combing your hair' -- check it out now.  
(And if you're unfamiliar with Hearn's sayings... well, not any more. You're soaking in them!)
The good(?) people at bring you this... uh, this... well, it's a movie featuring animated hedgehogs, flying along upside-down on an inflatable raft, singing Bobby McFerrin's 'Thinking About Your Body' with dirty lyrics.  
Well, one of them sings dirty lyrics. The other one just 'Be-boop-boop's in the background. I hope I haven't ruined the ambience by explaning it all. Oh dear. is a netzine that strives to bring its readership a litany of all things fabulous, which in their case seems to include, as per their 'About' page:  
'a loose walk between tech talks, popular and fine arts and amazing babes'.  
Right now, stories on the front page concern 'English linguist' and 19th century Renaissance man William Barnes, Charlie Chaplin, video codecs, and the current state of digital technology as it applies to the creation of hot virtual women.  
I'd say that's pretty fabulous. Pretty fabulous, indeed.
Take a scroll through the packaging and wrappery of the early 20th century at the American Package Museum, courtesy of curator Ian House.  
See for yourself how Dr. Pepper, Milky Ways, Wilson tennis balls, and dozens of others were packaged in days of yore. There are even -- are you sitting down for this? -- 3D models of several of the bags, bottles, and cans within.  
Oh, and there's a gift shop, too. What self-respecting museum would be complete without that?
Ever wonder how lava lamps work?  
Um, no... me, either. Still, the information is out there, thanks to the folks at How Stuff Works. Check it out -- it's a complete guide to the history, physics, and even how to make your own!  
So if you're an unapologetic hippie throwback -- or you'd just like to be -- have a look. Soon, you'll be saying, 'Ooooooh' just like it was 1972. Duuuude!