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A study in Journal of Consumer Research suggests smaller packages can lead consumers to eat more, by blunting their wariness about how much they consume.
And there was much rejoicing. I am so glad;I was so mad when I found out the profiles were going away.
Have you ever filed a complaint with HIPPA?
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Parental Weirdness, or Shrink Me Up
My parents have spent my entire lifetime professing their mutual dislike for one another, and being passively aggressively mean to one another. My mother in particular declared multiple times a day that she only stayed with my father for the sake of us kids. They've separated once, got back together because neither could afford to live alone, and now have separate bedrooms and separate living rooms. All the kids are moved out except for one boomerang brother who's back, so they have the extra room to do this. I cannot remember them having ONE civil conversation my entire childhood that wasn't about one of us kids. The kids were the only thing they ever agreed on.  
Ok. All this is not that abnormal, a lot of people have parents that don't get along.  
Fast forward to yesterday. My mom casually drops into the conversation that she and my father have decided to, in 5 or 6 years, buy themselves an RV (or as she calls it, a "big trailer") and travel the country together. WTF? Did I miss something? She says they now get along just fine, are perfectly happy in their separate rooms, have conversations, go out to eat, even go shopping together sometimes. Admittedly I haven't lived with them for ... 14 years? ... but still. WTF? This frankly seems to throw off base everything I know about my parents. And the whole thing sort of bothers me, honestly. Feel free to give me your opinion about why I would be bothered by my parents getting along after all these years.
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Are you an enemy of the Clown?
Dumb merchandising idea #2,578
You know how reporters on like CNN or BBC usually carry umbrellas that say "CNN" or "BBC News" if they're reporting in the rain?  
They should totally sell those umbrellas. I mean, it'd probably be the greatest merchandising scheme since they sold those buffs that they give out to the people on "Survivor."  
That way, people could stand in the rain with their hand to their ear and interview random people while managing to stay dry even in the midst of a hurricane.  
It's surprising they don't sell those already. By the way, if any marketing people see this - you're welcome to steal this one.
adc explained to the chatter how he just randomly chose adc as his linkfilter name  
from the initials on a passing van at that time. He then asked members of chatter what they think he should be called. After many suggestions (not all accurate, but taken in good fun) he settled for Henry as for some reason known only to chatter they think my chatter style relates me to a former king of England with 8 wifes.  
From 1 July 2008 I shall be known as Henry, or whatever else you wish to call me when I'm not around!
Resisting the urge to send a snarky email when it is SOOOO deserved is a sign of
losing your sense of humor
covering your derriere
being distracted by bacon
something else
Sir Ian McKellen is to star in a television remake of the cult 1960s thriller The Prisoner, ITV has confirmed.  
He will play the part of Number Two alongside the US actor Jim Caviezel, who has been chosen to reprise the role of Number Six.
Have you ever been thrown under the beaglebot bus?
Yes, and I've got the scars to show for it
And you don't want to know what the scars are shaped like
Have you ever been thrown under the proverbial bus?
Why, yes, just today!
Countless times in the past
This one time, in band camp
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