Darwish: Too late.
Darwish: Thank God for this! This changed the world and saved 2019 America from fascism and climate change!
Darwish: Looks like it finally was released... as a comic book: "The Power of the Dark Crystal."
Darwish: doesnt seem like such a big deal now.
Darwish: Ah, Trump, lol.
Darwish: Whelp, off to get some sushi before they run out!
Darwish: Good thing we got rid of that guy. Things could have been bad!
RE: RE: sigh...
Darwish: So hard to "pacify"? Ugh.
Darwish: Ah, those were the days...
Darwish: I hope he doesnt have a book coming out soon!
Darwish: Drat, the website doesn't work anymore.