Screw That
Posted by pdxpogo 14 years ago
Boing Boing reports that Virgin Airlines will provide a TV channel for fliers that plays the ColorCalm Skies video over and over.  
I say screw that if you want to show me a "sky channel" show me a view from the cockpit. I have always wanted to see out the front of the plane. I always enjoy listening to the tower chatter and the progress channel showing the position of the plane.  
Let's say a system of cameras you can cycle trough, a "tail" cam looking forward. A cockpit cam showing a pilot's eye view. A nose cam pointed ahead and slightly down. Landing gear cam! Not very active but oh so much fun on takeoffs and landings. Left wing cam and right wing cam. Oh and an astro cam pointing up for night shots of the skies. High above most of the atmosphere on a clear night the stars are simply a whole new experience.  
Plane travel is becoming more and more a pain in the ass when it used to be an adventure and fun. I say bring on the sky network.