Posted by fb- 14 years ago
More WASTE stuff....  
Everybody that is on and hasn't made the following changes needs to do so.  
Under file/preferences/pending keys, I need you to turn on auto-accept.  
Under file/preferences/private key, I need you to make sure that you are periodically broadcasting your public key.  
After you make those changes, highlight all the IPs in your network status windows and hit the connect icon.  
The goal of this is to allow you to directly connect to people to speed up transfers. Right now, if you're only connected to the initial setup address of, then your downloads and uploads are being throttled as they have to pass through that static site before they get to other people.  
Let me know if you need help/have questions.  
If anybody is interested in getting any albums from me, download my mp3 album list (zipped excel file - use OoO or MS' free excel 2003 viewer.) There's 5770 albums, quite a bit of music. If you want me to put any of it on WASTE, just pick out some albums and email me.
Al Bums.
shigpit: You know, you do rock.  
But what's preventing you from sticking it all up on waste?
fb-: The 400 gigs of storage my PC doesn't have.
Hugh2d2: I just wanted to thank you again for getting this going!  
You guys are the best.
fb-: No problem at all!