Posted by fb- 14 years ago
My Alma Mater is booting some ass in college basketball this year and I'm pumped to say the least. Last time we were 19-2 was 1998 when we won the National Championship. We slaughtered Georga this afternoon and are looking to go undefeated in the SEC. In my opinion (contrary to all those asshole ESPN analysts) we are going to be a number one seed and hopefully finish regular season #1 three years straight!  
Whhhhhhooooooaaaaaaa C-A-T-S! CATS! CATS! CATS!  
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as a Georgia Tech fan
madtbone: I happy to hear that UK killed UGA.
Little did we know ...
shigpit: ... but fb- is the bald white guy in the back row on the left.
Come March...
ultrafastx: Illinois is coming. The 'cats better watch out.
fb-: You guys will fold like a house of cards.. just like last year. You're a one man show.
ultrafastx: One man show? What are you talking about? They have one of the best backcourts in the country with Dee Brown, Deron Williams and Luther Head. Those three guys put up 59 points against Michigan St. (18, 14 and 22 pts, respectively)--IN LANSING, where MSU was 95-6 over the last 101 games. In fact, they average 13, 13 and 17 pts. per game, which is pretty democratic. And it's not like James Augustine and Roger Powell are slouches on the inside, either. They average 10 and 12 points per game.
fb-: The rest of your backcourt is a joke. They wouldn't have half the numbers that they do if everybody that played you wasn't so preoccupied with Brown.
ultrafastx: We shall see.
fb-: Indeed.
ultrafastx: I find it funny that you claim we folded last year, when you guys--a #1 seed--were upset in the second round by UAB (a #9 seed). Illinois (a #5 seed) didn't lose until meeting Duke (a #1 seed) in the Sweet 16.  
Or have you wiped the memory of last year's tourney from you mind? =)
fb-: And you got just as many trophies as we did last year. I'll put my school's NCAA wins, Final Fours and National Championships up against yours any day of the week.
ultrafastx: I don't care about the past. Just you wait 'til March.
fb-: Care to bet a dollar?
ultrafastx: Sure.