Posted by fb- 14 years ago
Blogs are great sites and all, but I was wondering what online papers you read, if any? I'm a NY Times in the morning, Washington Post in the evening. I maybe read my local news, The St. Crois Avis and Virgin Islands Daily News every couple of days.  
enjoy a look
johnny2000: at my version of Crayon (http://www.crayon.net/) with nearly 2 000 worldwide newspapers, blogs, e/n sites
Mac: I've been using Crayon.net roughly forever:  
'The MAC Times has been read 24873 times'
fabulon7: I usually look at the CBC , sometimes the BBC.
fabulon7: And a bunch of other stuff.
Bud Tugly: I open my Op/Ed pages {all at once) in tabs, using Firefox, in the following order:  
NY Times Op/Ed  
Washington Post Op/Ed  
USA Today Op/Ed  
NY Post Op/Ed  
Washington Times Op/Ed  
Chicago Sun-Times Op/Ed  
Chicago Tribune Op/Ed