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Posted by jones 14 years ago
Dear Diary:  
I live in a town house with a rear terrace that faces two very tall apartment buildings. Confronted every day with other people's lives, I have discovered that there is a very clear "Rear Window" etiquette in New York: one doesn't stare at one's neighbors.  
The only exception I have made to this rule was on a fine spring Sunday some years ago when I looked across the air shaft and saw a large German shepherd that apparently had been left alone in his apartment. As I watched, he glanced furtively around before he put his paws up on the kitchen counter and strained to reach a brown paper bag, presumably containing bagels and lox or other breakfast goodies, with his teeth. I instinctively yelled out, "Bad dog!"  
The shepherd immediately released his prize and dropped down on all fours in confusion - the apartment was empty! Where did this disembodied voice of authority come from?  
The bag remained untouched until his owners returned.
thatmikeykid: Interesting.  
do you think it was well-trained, or just scared?
Rear Window
airbiskit: Tell all that to Jimmy Stewart.
cornpone: biskit!!! you should come around more often. we are currently experiencing a LF revival.
FoolProof: I just kept my curtains closed.