Posted by jones 13 years ago
is ready to move on...he's had enough of new york and wants to go somewhere a little less cynical.  
who gets him next?  
love, jones
fabulon7: I think darkstar really, really wants to get his Frenchified paws on him.
darkstar: I'd be very happy to, but there have been others on the list far longer than I have.  
I think it's time for Link to take his first trip outside of the USA. Both fab and SNC have been on the list for a while. I'd say buy link a ticket to Ontario!  
If you folks are in agreement with that, maybe fab you could give jones your mailing address?
fabulon7: It's actually probably smart to not send it here. I'm not going to be here often over the summer, so it might be a long delay...
darkstar: Ah...okay, then let the California folks see him. They've been on the list since forever, too.  
Maybe if Link goes to see manGina and bbbach first in Santa Rosa, then to see the folks in Fresno, then to ultrafastx and honeydew, who should be settled by then.  
Maybe Link can visit Canada after that and then come see me in Spring.  
If bbbach or manGina are interested in being next on the list, could you send your mailing address to jones?
jones: link goes to the first address emailed to me at jones at linkfilter dot net.
darkstar: Woot!  
Shiggy just sent ya an email!  
darkstar: Also, do you have any pics you could post of Link enjoying New York?
SuperNintendoChalmer: err... i kinda assumed I'd never see link... i've come to peace with that... infact I was overseas as well this summer... so you can cross me off the list... send'em over to ds.
darkstar: Shiggy is next on the list, and jones has his email.  
So...any day now! :)