I'd like to thank all the LFers who made it possible...
Posted by Darwish 13 years ago
Darwish> linkfilter does not want me to make lvl 22  
!! Darwish just posted BeeSource.com, Your Online Sourcebook for Beekeeping.  
!! beaglebot is around.  
pdxpogo> damn minnesotans  
!! Darwish just posted Bee Culture -- The Magazine of American Beekeeping.  
!! Darwish just posted Alberta Beekeeping, Pollination, Bees & Honey -- by Allen Di.  
!! ansamancom is around.  
deathburger> It got overloaded by users from MN. Too much gefilte fish.  
pdxpogo> too much weight in the middle and both coasts slid in  
!! Timmy is around.  
* * * deathburger wants a smoke. Dammit.  
PAgent> This town....  
cornpone> you don't have much left to level darwish.  
* * * pdxpogo blows smoke up deathburger's ass  
deathburger> Hey, that tickles!  
pdxpogo> it was less than 2K I've been 1 voting his links but it looks like he will finish level 21  
!! vinfille is around.  
!! Mac123 just posted Grafolicious.  
pdxpogo> level 21 is the dark night of the soul on LF  
aktaeon> that's what I think of whatever level I'm on  
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pdxpogo> 21 is badddd you can rocket up through levels but 21 lasts forever  
pdxpogo> after that it is downhill to apathy  
ansamancom> yeah, well I don't care about apathy  
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darkstar> how much more does Dar need to level up?  
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!! potatono is around.  
pdxpogo> whoa didn't see that one coming  
darkstar> oooh...only 700 xp! c'mon, we can do that!  
pdxpogo> 20 comments or so I haven't looked  
20:21:59> You have received a refund of 10 CP on link #83257. Good post!  
pdxpogo> gimme a link  
cornpone> i'm doin what i can. he should level in a few minutes.  
20:22:48> You have received a refund of 30 CP on link #72844. Good post!  
darkstar> only 340 to go now!  
20:22:57> You have received a refund of 20 CP on link #72842. Good post!  
pdxpogo> when does the new Battle Star Galactia start?  
!! jeromius is around.  
darkstar> 187 to go!  
darkstar> keep voting!  
!! LinusMines just posted Experiments in Galvanism: Frog with Implanted Webserver.  
pdxpogo> push him up push him up wayyyy up  
!! illflux is around.  
darkstar> 62 to go!  
darkstar> 3 more votes!  
madtbone> CRACKHEAD!!!!  
vinfille> I'm trying to give him some comments, but I feel a little evil about it- I am biased, after all.  
Darwish> HUZZAH  
darkstar> YAY!!! Darwish is no longer Immortal --- he's a CRACKHEAD!!!  
pdxpogo> I voted every thing earlier  
* * * Darwish sheds a manly tear  
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pdxpogo> yea! darwish  
darkstar> *throws confetti*  
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cornpone> we took care of it vin  
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cornpone> WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  
madtbone> congrats darwish!!!  
vinfille> Done! Hooray, Darwish  
20:26:50> You have received a refund of 30 CP on link #87553. Good post!  
Darwish> thanks you all for the assist  
pdxpogo> vinfille has a darwish connection?  
20:27:04> You have received a refund of 10 CP on link #87551. Good post!  
20:27:04> You have received a refund of 20 CP on link #87552. Good post!  
* * * cornpone offers darwish a unicorn ride.  
darkstar> *gets out the champagne*  
pdxpogo> heh /me is always the last to know  
!! FuzzyDave just posted Kong Trailer Now Online. Wear Depend Undergarments..  
madtbone> [email protected]  
cornpone> what number is that blue darkie?  
Darwish> vinfille has THE darwish connection
Darwish: I think it only took me a year to get from 21 to 22.