28 June hive preperation
Posted by Darwish 13 years ago
This morning I went in to prepare the queenless hive for queen introduction. I performed a more detailed and thorough examination, and I suspect that the old queen failed due to old age or sickness. There was brood, some capped pupae and larvae, but the pattern was spotty, and there were zero eggs. So she must have become sick and started laying poorly before she either died or was killed by the bees. There were a few queen cells, which I removed. I put a sugar syrup feeder on top, and they should readily accept the new queen when I introduce her.  
After putting the new queen in the hive for 2-3 days, I will manually introduce her into the hive. This will allow me to watch the reaction of the bees as she is released onto the comb. If they attack her, I can take remedial action to correct the situation. If not, at least I will be assured that she is alive and ready to start laying eggs.  
The queen is coming via UPS, and is being sent to vinfille at work, since she will be there to receive the new queen. I do not want the UPS person to drop off the new queen at our house, where she will be sitting outside for who knows how long before we get home. I figure the caged queen should be a good conversation piece sitting on her desk.
Very cool!
/me is anxious to hear how it goes.
cornpone: how does one package a bee for shipment?
deathburger: Wow, that's a great question. I never gave that any thought.. how the hell do you ship a bee??
cornpone: i've succesfully shipped frozen cell cultures to singapore, where they were then thawed and re-cultured.
deathburger: I'll refrain from making the obvious joke. ;)  
Seriously though, wha? Could you explain?
cornpone: part of my job is harvesting cells from human tissue. i then maintain and culture them. i provide other people in the lab with the cells, or just do what experiments they want me to do. cells can be frozen, then rethawed and still live. one guy from the lab was offered a job in singapore, he took it. i packed the cells he wanted in a styrofoam container packed with dry ice. paid a hefty two day shipping charge. the cells made it and lived.
deathburger: Damn. That's cool.
Fluffy: Also...  
jones: i'm covered in beeeeeees!
you've piqued my interest...
...and after looking through some beekeeping sites, I have to say...cool, man! Your hive's going to pull through just fine. Have you thought about swapping frames once you get your queen in and settled?
Darwish: Yes, I may move a couple of frames of brood from the queenright hive to the other hive. Apparently, this may help in queen acceptance.
fabulon7: All you people are weird.
Darwish: Quiet, or we put the leeches on you.
deathburger: Or the bees.
darkstar: Or the leeches with bees in their mouths...