12 July 2005
We went to the hives this morning. I wanted to add a second honey super to the strong hive, to give them some room. The hive is full with bees, and the extra honey super will give them some room to spread out and make more honey. Swarming season is behind us, but there is no need to give the bees an excuse to swarm by crowding them.  
Here is a picture of the inner cover, after removing the outer cover:  
Of course, we had to take a peek and see how the bees were doing with the honey super we had put in last week. They were doing very well, drawing out most of the foundation and already filling the cells with nectar to make into honey. Here is a pic of the honey super:  
I drew several of the frames out to inspect them. In this one, you can see the nectar, which is already starting to take a nice, rich honey color:  
As long as I was there, I performed a brief inspection of the top hive body. I only inspected a couple or three frames to check for brood, which was present in abundance. While removing one of the frames, I damaged a drone cell, exposing the pupa within. You can see clearly the pupa in this photo, at the top of the frame. The pupa's eyes are dark, indicating that he was within a few short days of emerging from the cell as a full grown drone:  
All of these pictures were taken by vinfille.
LinusMines: Fascinating...
cornpone: there is a bee on your finger.
Darwish: There is a bee on my finger because I have flies in my eyes.
vinfille: Poor pupa. We killed it before it even had a chance to be born.
Poor Puppa