If it just don't take the cake
Posted by pdxpogo 13 years ago
Not that I write in this journal often. I have a u-pick berry thing going people pay me for the privilage of picking thier own berries. We have a good year going people come and go berries are getting picked all in all good. The fruit was a no show this year the cherry trees had no fruit so the birds who normally prefer cherries are in the blueberries. No worries the guy across the way has a propane canon and chases his pests into my field plenty of berries enough for birds and my pickers.... so I am sitting out under the trees this evening reading a book, vodka rocks in hand. Some bird decides to shit blueberries from my field all over me and in to my drink. Fuckers I don't mind feeding them but when they shit on you and your drink ruining a perfectly good tumbler of Vodka it is time to break out the shotgun.  
I suppose it is funny on one level wonder how the birds are going to feel with shot up their ass?
sandwoman13: I picked blueberries once in London. Other than that, nothing. While in Seattle we tried to find strawberries but I missed the season.
Should have gone for blackberries or marionberries...