Halloween, Fischerspooner, and turning 30.
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
I spent the last day of my twenties at the Fischerspooner show last night at Irving Plaza.  
One of the best shows i've ever been to, and quite a nice way to end another decade. They played Emerge at the end of the show and the place went nuts. It was way better than the lousy adult. show I was at a couple of weeks ago.  
cornpone: happy birfday potaytuh.  
shigpit: What he said.  
Happy 30th.
Welcome to old age...
crataegus: Here's your walker.
ultrafastx: Happy birthday! I owe you a drink next time we're in the 'no.
Happy Birthday Justin
coralblue: From your favorite old town of Fresno. Happy B-day man. So your 30 now? I turned 34 on Saturday.  
Hope all is well.