a new laptop
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 13 years ago
I bought a laptop from Circuit City this afternoon, that will cost me $600 after the mail-in rebate. I've been wanting a laptop for trips, but I could never bring myself to spend over $1,000 for it. On the other hand, I didn't want a machine so anemic that loading Windows would be a chore. To compromise, I got a low-end machine, and will install some flavor of Debian on it. I've got some Knoppix ISO's already, but I may give Ubuntu a try.
deathburger: If you go for Ubuntu, plug everything in. Your printer, digital camera (just to be safe. make sure it's empty so it doesn't try to download), cat's tail, kitchen sink.. anything you're gonna be hooking up.  
It's possible to fiddle a little later and get all that stuff set up, sure. But it's so much easier to let the installer have it ready and waiting with no more work on your part than plugging the devices in.
blackvelvetjesus: I tried the live 5.10 cd this morning, and it didn't recognize my wireless controller, and I wasn't able to enable my ethernet controller. I'll mess with it some more this afternoon.
Mac: The native Ubuntu wireless detection blows rabid monkey chunks, even when using widely used cards  
You are better off ignoring it and using Madwifi for your wireless needs.
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