The Government Intervention Game
Posted by Psychomike 13 years ago
How far should government go to protect one over the entire country?  
Well, one homeless woman continued to drink when she was pregnant, sued the liquor companies over it, which led to government enforced labelling on bottles, which had both houses of government arguing over the issue, which cost us millions. The woman said that she had never heard in her life not to drink while pregnant.  
This is absurd. Millions down the drain, over a dubious claim at best.  
Sorry, but nowhere does it say in the Constitution that the majority must sacrifice freedoms, money or anything else for one person.  
Some parents can't control their kids- but we don't punish all parents because of those kids. Not yet anyway.  
Here in Chicago, after two years of eating up time and money, Chicago just passed a law banning smoking because of the "dangers of second hand smoke". There have been over 200 so called "studies" on second hand smoke, all paid for by the government. But there is a problem. Every single report uses the data from one report that was rejected by the scientific community and thrown out by the courts- when it was shown the researchers made up the info. So now we have a law because some people think its bad taste to smoke in public and were willing to lie to stop it.  
These same people would be outraged if government enforced the teaching of creationism or Intelligent Design, yet fail to realize their beliefs are equally absurd.  
There is censorship from the network that puts a show on, the sponsors, all of whom because they are paying for it should have a voice.  
I have no problem with it. The audience also decides if they want to hear or see an entertainment. But government intervention to monitor video games? To go after Howard Stern? Are you kidding me?  
What happened to "don't tread on me"?  
I have learned one thing in life. The people that say "there ought to be a law" are almost always wrong. We have much bigger issues than individual taste to deal with:  
taking down the U.S.  
The government wasting time on anything but the above link is exactly that- wasting time.  
The government has far more on it's plate for the future than regulating taste, words, music or games. But I think those issues are easier to deal with than the ONLY job government has- to protect me and my nation. That's it. Sadly, neither side realizes this, and loves the photo ops when they go out to save "the kids".