Looking for a Movie Title
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
Kassi and I are wondering the name of an old (15 years or so) movie that we both saw when we were little.  
We only remember a couple scenes from it. The movie was something about a woman who adopted a kid from a company - the children were supposed to be "perfect" and never made mistakes. In one scene the woman opened a barrel to get the kid out. In another, the boy got paint / food / something on his shirt and freaked out because he wasn't "perfect" any more. I think the company came to take the kid back because he was defective, and that was sort of the plot.  
Any ideas?
Kassi42: It might not have been a boy. The only scene that I remember is that the kid and the mother were painting and the kid got some paint on its clothes and freaked out because it wasn't "perfect" to make sloppy mistakes and the mother tried to explain to the child that it was okay to make mistakes.  
I think this movie scared me as a child, too.  
Also, journal bump. I'm curious if anyone knows what this movie is. It was on the Disney Chanel, I'm pretti sure (could be wrong).
shigpit: It's not D.A.R.Y.L., is it?  
imdb link
FoolProof: Nope.
thatmikeykid: that really sounds like d.a.r.y.l, less the paint part.
crataegus: It sounds more like a movie I saw back in the day when Nickolodeon showed more than mind numbing cartoons. (Remember the Electric Grandmother?) I'm not getting any hits on IMDB's plot search, though.
crataegus: Konrad  
I knew I'd seen this.