Sandy and Mikey are alive and well partying in NYC!
Posted by pdxpogo 13 years ago
sandwoman13> Hello, LF  
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pdxpogo> snady!  
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pdxpogo> wondered what happened to yah  
sandwoman13> hi it's mikey sandy is in the 'kitchen'  
sandwoman13> hello from rainy nyc  
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pdxpogo> hi mikey was your ears burnin? We was chatting about you last night  
sandwoman13> actually yes, after the flight my left ear was dead for a couple hours :P  
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pdxpogo> heh so vacationing? Going to Ice Skate at Rockerfeller Center?  
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sandwoman13> we sure are. we'd like to ice skate there but the wait may be too long, maybe in the park instead. we came mainly for new years eve.  
pdxpogo> cool everyone should do Times Square once!  
pdxpogo> definitely get some pictures from times square  
sandwoman13> hi, it's sandy now. i finished the breakfast dishes  
pdxpogo> I'd like to see Sandy Riding the Lion at the NEw York Central Public Library ;-)  
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sandwoman13> hehe  
pdxpogo> here ya go  
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pdxpogo> got to be quick and nimble though as they don't usually let people ride em  
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pdxpogo> what a great adventure guys have fun!  
sandwoman13> i would imagine. well gotta go shower and say hello to the city.  
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sandwoman13> let everyone know we are still alive and well for us  
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pdxpogo> will do!