Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
I hardly read the news. My primary news source is LF, and I tend to skip over most of the political or "media circus" type stories that make the rounds. But when enough links about the same subject keep cropping up, I get a little intrigued. I finally had to look up what people were talking about with this riot-starting cartoons thing. I didn't care about Dick Cheney's hunting accident but I finally read the first news story on it to get the (initial) facts.  
But there's one topic that has my interest lately: this looming "oil crisis" that people keep posting about. I'm not able to weed out what's a reliable news source from what isn't, and I don't have any sort of a compass now to judge what's believable and what's not. There's doomsday predictions for tomorrow, and then there's people denying that it'll even be a problem.  
Now, nobody with a brain would say that oil can last forever. It's inevitable that we're going to one day have to make a switch from non-renewable to renewable energy sources. And I guess each political party is taking their own side to it as they always do, so there's that slant to go along with everything.  
So, not really understanding at all what's going on: Are there any real, "logical" predictions about the course of events in the coming years regarding this oil crisis? Are there any sort of plans in place for making the transition from oil to some other power sources? What about other countries? What can individuals do to prepare?
Mac: Step 1: quit listening to leyman's lopsided postings on the issue...there is no current supply problem. There is a problem in demand (from economies that have not been heavy users until recently) and more locally in refining capacity (no new refineries built in 30 years in the US...they all run at 95-100% capacity)  
Step 2: on supply, do some research on the Alberta Oil Sands...it is an increasingly important supply, and is estimated to yield centuries of the stuff  
Step 3: on alternatives, do some research on ethanol. It is an important suplementary fuel which could quickly cut consumption (in autos) by up to 10%
We're all gonna die!!!!!1!1onaliwenf
crataegus: It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. I, for one, welcome our new stick-wielding overlords...  
On a more serious note, I'm not a geologist. Hubbert's Peak may be true. We may be on the top of that particular curve. We may be crashing down in a decade or two dozen. Can we do anything about this? No. Whether we have cheap petroleum to last the next 5, 10, 100, 1000 years or not, we cannot at this point do anything to remedy the situation. We're either fscked or the status quo is maintained. If we're on the top of the curve, then we cannot change our situation. If there is no curve, then we cannot change our situation. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.
Oil Crisis
Kassi42: There will be an oil crisis in our kitchen if you don't clean the deep fryer like you promised.
deathburger: I just use an all-metal pot. Deep fryer machines are a royal pain.. got one of those too, it sits in the cupboard unused.  
(now if it were one of those real nice self-cleaning self-timing machines, that'd be different!)