what's happening
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 13 years ago
I gave my 30 day notice today, and I'll be moving down to Fort Worth at the end of the month. The divorce is still on course as well, but the Greene County Domestic Relations Court didn't like some of the language in the separation agreement and petition for dissolution, so they had to be drafted again.  
I don't have a job lined up in Fort Worth yet, but I've got a few good leads. I have some money saved up and a few friends to stay with in the meantime.  
I had planned to rent a truck and drive my belongings down to Texas, but a one-way 10' truck rental from Dayton was going to cost me around $1,300. I've decided to get rid of my furniture and put what I can't cram into my car into a 5'x5' storage unit, and I'll borrow a truck and get my stuff later.  
The only thing I'm concerned about now is the remaining inactive reserve obligation I have to the government. The Air Force can put me back on active duty at any time between now and July 2007. Fingers crossed, waving the chicken bone, doing my rain dance.
shigpit: Good to see you, Beev.