Domain name changes
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
People seem to be having trouble with cookies because and seem to keep separate cookies (when did that start?). I've made redirect to so that it shouldn't be a problem anymore..  
But... There are some clever users (linkfilter has the most clever users) who have used and plain 'ol to distinguish between different users sharing a computer.. So for them i've created,, and Each one of those will have it's own cookie.  
Is that agreeable with everyone??  
shigpit: "Hey Wifey! Want a cookie? Too bad, you'll have to log in yourself. Hahahaha!"
deathburger: Hey, that's pretty cool. Thanks potatono!
deathburger: By the way, if anyone wants the Greasemonkey scripts I've made to work in these new urls, just say so. It's a snap to fix, but if nobody's going to use it... :)  
Greasefilter will work as-is.
blarp: can we get :)  
for what it's worth, i've always just used and been mildly annoyed when i followed a link on the site to so, thanks!
deathburger: I had a thing in Greasefilter that fixed those.. I guess it's obsolete now though.  
btw, setting the cookie domain to "" instead of "" will make the cookie work across the whole domain, be it,, or That's how I have the Greasefilter cookie set up, else it wouldn't be available to the script.
blarp: oh yeah.. I remember trying out the greasefilter script a few firefox installs ago.. I should put those in again. Thanks for the reminder. :)
testing NCS
potatono: testing date on this comment.