Strange date/time bugs
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
Here's what's going on, the new database server and the application server can't agree on the date. Even though the dates are set the same, one reports the time from epoch differently than the other.. That's causing all kinds of havoc with new comment scans and /who. I think i've implemented a couple of temporary fixes until I get to the bottom of it, but they may cause more problems then they solve.  
New comments may look like they're an hour older than they are until i fix this correctly.  
crataegus: Bless you, kind sir.
deathburger: Seconded, thank you for attacking the time thing so we can continue getting out LF fix in the right timezone! :)
Mac: Werd
FoolProof: What he said.
LinusMines: Another symptom covered here.
cornpone: thanks much dude.