Beeps vs Music
Attention music industry slime:  
A MIDI is not the same as an mp3.  
A MIDI file is a sequence of notes, which may or may not play back as intended depending on how many "instruments" the user has available on their system, and even then it's not likely it will play back how the sequencer intended. Also they NEVER have vocals. Ever.  
An mp3 is an actual song with actual instruments and actual vocals that plays back exactly as it was encoded no matter what system or player is used.
Kassi42: I'm sure this entry has a good story. What exactly happened? MIDI and .mp3 are pretty different file types - it's hard to imagine how anyone who at least knows the term midi could confuse the two.
Kassi42: Oh, and the closest a Midi would come to having vocals (that would be synth vocals, pulling from whatever synth "voices" come from your soundcard) would be if a program that someone uses to sequence a .mid file had set one of the 16 tracks to be "vocals" which basically means that whatever equalizing effects that the program has that came with it is set up on that track to be ideal for synth voice.  
Midi really is, in my opinion, pointless to listen to if you don't have XG voices on your soundcard or an Audigy.
deathburger: It takes several voices at once to make anything that doesn't sound tinny and very obviously computer-generated. MIDI can't do it.  
This is what prompted the journal, combined with a third party's interest in MIDI music a couple years ago. At that time there were all kinds of lawsuits over it, the general idea of which you'll get from the link.  
I think if lawmakers don't know what they're legislating for/against, they should just keep their ignorant noses out of it.