dvd bb ogm omg wtf lol
Reviews claim these two players can do ogm (divx or xvid video with ogg audio). I didn't do much searching to confirm or deny those claims.  
Pioneer DV-588A-S Slim Progressive Scan DVD Player (DivX certified)  
Pioneer DV-383S Multi-Volt DVD Player  
I did do a lot of searching for the Philips DVP-5500S which is DivX Home Theater Profile certified so it can play up to DivX 6. While the official docs don't make the claim that it plays OGM files, other tests and sites seem to say that it will. The official faq for the player does however say that it does not support Qpel or GMC but that test result page appears to contradict that.  
Sadly, I was unable to find the 5500S player available for purchase anywhere in the time I put into searching. Close may be good enough, but then again I'm fresh out of horseshoes. :)
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glitch p-udding: what's the benefit of this? i'm an ogg fan, but i'm out of the loop on this stuff. is there a lot of content readily available in this format?  
deathburger: Not as much as in avi. ogm is a container just like avi, but it can do much more.  
Ogg Media (OGM), meaning Ogg Media File, is a container format (for video, audio and subtitle streams). It was developed by Tobias Waldvogel and can do a few things the common AVI format cannot. OGM's features include in particular:  
* Chapter support  
* Multiple subtitle tracks  
* Multiple audio tracks of various formats (MP3, AC3, Vorbis, WAV)  
* Vorbis audio support (although AVI can be made to support it in a way, there is no "correct" way to do it, making any attempt a potentially incompatible, unreliable hack)  
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OGM (includes a link to make it work with WMP as well)  
VLC and mplayer can both play .ogm files, provided the proper video codecs (usually xvid or divx so shouldn't be an issue) are there.  
OGMtools for Linux can be used to make .ogm files, though other tools exist by now as well.  
I transcoded a film to ogm not long ago. It seemed to work better than the transcoded avi version did. (the "original" source was a .flv off Google Video)