Music, you idiots.
Posted by deathburger 12 years ago
The theme song from "House, MD" is Teardrop by Massive Attack. If you find the clip of it they play on the show at all interesting, you'll like the whole thing.  
And if you have yet to watch House, get out from under your rock and come join us in this century.
blarp: I wasn't aware that I was under a rock.  
But, I've never heard of "House", so apparently I have been..
deathburger: It really is a good show, ask shigpit if you don't believe me. (I think I remember him saying he watches it too)  
It's a little like ER, but without all the boring crap. And with a main character dripping with sarcasm.
humandoing: we never miss an episode. the last one we watched  
house, at home. had some kind of list of the tv shows he watches, one of them was blackadder. thought i'd throw that in.
deathburger: Here's one more indication that the show is well made: the last one they played had a pregnant woman. The baby resulting from that was actually pretty close to the right size for a newborn. If there's one thing that wrecks a show that includes the whole giving birth thing, it's when they plaster a 4 or 5 month old kid with goo and say it's a newborn. It just does not work. "House" did it right, and those other shows could take a hint.  
Another one that annoys me is when they show a perfectly calm kid with the sound of one that's making so much noise one would think it was being eaten alive. Again, "House" didn't fail. While the kid wasn't overly upset, it was making noises and the sounds were in sync with it's movements.  
Details like that can really make or break a show, I wish more programs would do as well as "House" does.
FoolProof: House. Sucks.  
Look at me. I'm a brooding, brilliant-yet-misunderstood, prick of a doctor and I'm always right but none of the 'orthodox' doctors will believe me until I prove them wrong in the last five minutes of the show. Nyah.  
For similarly flat, unchanging characters, see Rescue Me.  
Look at me. I'm a brooding, chain smoking, hard drinking, depressed, asshole fire fighter. My acting chops only go as far as my standup routine. Nyah.
deathburger: So you prefer your entertainment more lowbrow, like Survivor?
FoolProof: Nope.
glitch p-udding: teardrop is a FANTASTIC all time fav from massive attack. in fact, the tear drop single/ep is probably the only masssive attack disc i NEED.  
if you can track down the video, it's well worth it.
FoolProof: They bring medical instruments and he brings a vente mocha. Brilliant.
deathburger: I wish I could find a doctor that knows what they're doing like that character does. I just get idiots that tell me to breathe steam when I've got a raging, bleeding sinus infection.
fabulon7: If I were your doctor, I would tell you:  
a) Quit smoking.  
b) Nasal irrigation.  
c) Flonase or other steroidal sinus treatment.  
d) Possibly antibiotics, depending.  
I've been through a number of sinus things.  
deathburger: Generally good advice. My problem comes with the major season change, always winds up with antibiotics.
UpsideClown: Stop putting your finger up there DB.
deathburger: But then how will I get the gold coins out?