Question of the week II --Please Help--
Posted by Birdieguy 13 years ago
OK, last week's battle with the "safetydefender" (atmclk.exe, dcomcfg.exe, etc.) hijack of my home page (and all the other BS that goes along with it) is spilling over into this week in a way that is really frustrating.  
I've done a ton of scans over this time period, and although I'm clean now, SOMETHING has changed in my settings, and I can no longer view videos at most websites. You know, like those sites where the little clips are embedded? All I see now is an empty box with a little "x" in the top left corner. The only differences in my system now than before are that I'm now running in the background both Spyware Doctor and SpywareBlaster, in addition to what I already had (Norton Internet Security and AdAware SE Plus from Lavasoft).  
I don't know what else to do. My gut tells me it's an ActiveX issue, but the settings in Internet Options\Security\Custom Level have all been adjusted to a very generous level (which both new AV Programs do not like), and nothing. Under the advanced tab, I've got all the appropriate things checked to be able to view video, etc. I've added sites to zones (bad idea), downloaded the latest Microsoft ActiveX updates, and even completely disabled Spyware Doctor & SpywareBlaster, and everything I can think of, and I have no idea what else there is to do. Windows Media Player is the player I use for almost everything, and it works fine -- when there is a link to download certain clips, everything works fine (except now I get the little download progress box, and I didn't before. Sometimes I have to click "cancel" for it to work. But this is all when I click a download link, so IMHO irrelevant.)  
I know my PC is much safer now, and I should probably just "suck it up" and quit worrying about not being able to watch a few video clips here & there, but damn! I'm almost willing to take the risks, especially now that I'm running more anti-spyware software.  
Does anyone have any ideas??????