In case you missed it. A Linkfilter reunion of sorts!
Posted by pdxpogo 13 years ago
heppi anniversary MIKE and SanDI!  
Schauspieler> ried+chicken%2C+bacon&ctab=2&dat- e=all&geo=all more popular than bacon?  
thatmikeykid> the chicken has entered his bloodstream. it's only a matter of time now.  
crataegus> hey, fd.  
!! DonkaWechico is around.  
thatmikeykid> woo! thanks fuzzyD!  
Schauspieler> more popular than bacon?  
FuzzyDave> hola crat & shausi  
Schauspieler> howdy  
pdxpogo> salid fd!  
FuzzyDave> my blog just got slammed by a bunch of hits from LF, so i thought i stop by and investigate.  
shigpit> This is intriguing  
shigpit> FuddyDabe!  
thatmikeykid> hey fuzzydave is the videowombat blog yours?  
thatmikeykid> took me all day to put that together  
thatmikeykid> hehe  
pdxpogo> we miss you but am glad you stops by from time to time  
FuzzyDave> ayup. I am the VideoWombat  
thatmikeykid> yeah it is indeed nice to see yas  
thatmikeykid> nifty  
!! Aphexian is around.  
pdxpogo> I noticed you were bitchin about all your Googlevideo stuff ;-)  
pdxpogo> wasn't much on the wombat the other day I think you had just started it  
FuzzyDave> i wish i'd been able to get ahold of shigpit last week. over 11 percent of all of my visitors were from israel. I was ecstatic. "I finally have Jew Appeal!"  
FuzzyDave> pdx: yeh. it's only a couple weeks old.  
thatmikeykid> heheeh  
thatmikeykid> i think champy posted it here  
shigpit> LMAO  
beaglebot> Fuzzy!  
FuzzyDave> shiggy: if i get my Israel stats up to 20 percent can i be amember of the tribe?  
beaglebot> Traitor!  
pdxpogo> I followed a beag link to his station wagon thing which led me to the wombat  
FuzzyDave> beagles! christ, it's like Old Home Week  
* * * shigpit sends a mohel after Fuzzy with a rusty knife.  
beaglebot> Si si  
FuzzyDave> beag: VW got a shitload o' hits from LF. i had to investigate.  
FuzzyDave> turns out Champers posted the linky on the main page.  
beaglebot> I just saw that  
thatmikeykid> linkfilter in action!  
* * * thatmikeykid puts on his trademark otter hat.  
beaglebot> I was doing unspeakale things to pictures of Kari Byron so I was distracted  
FuzzyDave> tonight i tracked down a visitor whom i didn't know and discovered that he'd set up a link to VW in his blog. I gots Stranger Appeal now.  
Schauspieler> I want an trademark otter hat!!!!  
beaglebot> sweet, I'm still waiting  
pdxpogo> shiggers fuzzy and beag on the same screen!  
beaglebot> Tho I need to mvoe my statcounter code to eb 2.0 to get some proper stats  
FuzzyDave> Shigger and Fuzzy and Beagles -- OH MY!  
Schauspieler> Beware the Stranger Danger!  
* * * pdxpogo is having a flashback  
beaglebot> You need a VW cafepress store  
FuzzyDave> I'm trying to design an Official Wombateer hat  
thatmikeykid> maybe it can be made reversible  
thatmikeykid> we'll have to outsource the labor to bengladesh though  
beaglebot> Hell, I'm still working on getting that banner to replace the blue thing in woprdpress  
FuzzyDave> Reversable??? so one could turn the hat inside out and see the wombat's guts?  
thatmikeykid> well sure, or whatever else you deemed amusing  
beaglebot> ooooo  
!! bear is around.  
beaglebot> wombutt  
thatmikeykid> or maybe it's happy on one side, and angry on the other  
FuzzyDave> hey, you brought it up. Freak.  
thatmikeykid> wombats are fickle creatures.  
!! fabulon7 is around.  
FuzzyDave> :)  
crataegus> You turn it inside out and end up it's an echidna on the inside.  
thatmikeykid> just lookin' out for your marketing strategy. it's important.  
thatmikeykid> hehe  
!! Mac123 just posted TypoTracker - Find the cheapest eBay listings instantly!.  
* * * deathburger ties FD's shoelaces to the couch legs so he can't leave.  
FuzzyDave> or turn it inside out to reveal a plush, molecular model of chlamydia  
thatmikeykid> with moving parts!  
thatmikeykid> and scent-emitting diodes  
thatmikeykid> hell while we're at it, it needs a laser.  
crataegus> blork  
FuzzyDave> mmmm....crustilicious...  
FuzzyDave> so, i gotta design a hat featuring a chlamydia-infected, reversible marsupial with laser-guided scent appeal?  
thatmikeykid> blork= bjork + bacon  
FuzzyDave> That is soooo September 10th.  
shigpit> Where's ufx when you need him?  
thatmikeykid> yes.  
thatmikeykid> and i want the first one that rolls of the bengladeshian assembly line  
FuzzyDave> you gotta deal, mikey  
thatmikeykid> saying "That is sooooo September 10th" is so September 10th  
thatmikeykid> yay!  
beaglebot> .  
thatmikeykid> can someone spare a vote for this link, so i don't miss out of the refundage? kthx!  
thatmikeykid> me!  
FuzzyDave> i was just gonna ask if anyone needed refunds before i leave!  
thatmikeykid> woot!  
thatmikeykid> thankee  
deathburger> Fine, don't say hi to me. I don't like you anyway, meanie. ;p  
FuzzyDave> DB! you big dumb poopyhead!  
thatmikeykid> hi!  
* * * thatmikeykid beams.  
FuzzyDave> come on folks: post yer GimmeVotes link.  
Schauspieler> Fuzzy Nudge  
FuzzyDave> i can't remember what the URL string is for that anymre.  
thatmikeykid> if you insist..  
deathburger> The refunds got jacked up recently, now you have to hit an 8.0 average out of 12 votes.  
Schauspieler> Yay!!!! Thanks Fuzzy  
thatmikeykid> oh boy there we go  
FuzzyDave> cripes that's high  
!! philipov is around.  
thatmikeykid> refunds are much more rare these days  
crataegus> It has cut down on refundafscking  
deathburger> Seems to work though. Got more users these days, I guess the idea was to keep people from monopolizing the front page.  
deathburger> And that other stuff.  
shigpit> So's FuzzyDave, but we digress.  
!! Timmy is around.  
!! thatmikeykid posted a poll 'Does FuzzyDave make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?'.  
shigpit> So's FuzzyDave, but we digress.  
shigpit> And you don't want ME rare, otherwise you open yourself up to many diseases.  
deathburger> Nice blog btw, it's getting bookmarked. :)  
21:50:17> pfttt  
Schauspieler> LOL Shiggy  
FuzzyDave> w00t!  
shigpit> Schazzy -- not THOSE diseases. :p  
!! thatmikeykid posted a poll 'Would you buy a hat featuring a chlamydian infected, reversible marsupial hat with laser-guided scent appeal?'.  
Schauspieler> don't want to get Shiggynosis  
thatmikeykid> oh boy i mangled that  
thatmikeykid> don't vote yet!  
* * * FuzzyDave still has 194 points to waste  
shigpit> ROFL Waffles.  
!! mooncrow is around.  
shigpit> The breakfast of a n00b generation.  
thatmikeykid> please feel free to 10 vote all of my links.  
FuzzyDave> hah!  
crataegus> ...ah, if only I could have mayonnaise on my sammich.  
crataegus> Careful, shiggy...n00b is insulting.  
21:53:58> ...and 1 vote all of budfield and tugly's links.  
!! thatmikeykid posted a poll 'Violin-lin-lin?'.  
shigpit> It's almost impossible to insult FD. And he knows he's no n00b, it wasn't in his direction.  
!! substrate is around.  
thatmikeykid> he's more of a r00b  
!! numike is around.  
* * * FuzzyDave is a r00b n00b w/man b00bs  
shigpit> fl00zy [email protected]\/3  
thatmikeykid> qoob.  
21:57:04> ..and restore all your journals...  
21:57:40> ..and steal your avatar back...  
deathburger> nüüb  
FuzzyDave> whaaaa?? i asked glitch to retire the bebbi face. who's using it now?  
thatmikeykid> it's been around like a 2 bit hooker  
crataegus> His Assholiness.  
thatmikeykid> and it's quite sad  
Schauspieler> Bud Tugly  
FuzzyDave> that's fucking hilarious  
22:01:45> kick his ass!  
crataegus> Because he's using a baby head, or because he's using your former avatar?  
FuzzyDave> both, actually.  
beaglebot> He thought things like "I should piss everyone off and take fuzzydave's old avatar"  
thatmikeykid> time to go home. nite filter !  
thatmikeykid> nite all!  
FuzzyDave> night mikey! hug sandi for me!  
Schauspieler> night Mikey  
beaglebot> and "beags will have kittens"  
beaglebot> and missed the point when I said something  
shigpit> Mikey doesn't know the baby isn't his yet, Dave, does he?  
thatmikeykid> i shall!  
beaglebot> kinda like every time I say anything these days I feel  
* * * thatmikeykid pokes shigpit. Plutonically.  
* * * thatmikeykid bolts for the door.  
* * * beaglebot quits rambling  
FuzzyDave> hahahaha  
22:06:22> what the fuck are YOU doing back here?  
crataegus> You can't blame the time for the audience, beag.  
22:06:51> arrr!±  
FuzzyDave> If anyone got pissed over it, that's pretty sad. i'd like to think was more this place than an avatar.  
22:07:12> er...arrr!  
crataegus> It was the intention behind it, FD. He can try to sell it as destroying a sacred cow all he wants, but he did it to get a rise out of people.  
22:07:49> heh...imagine, seeing fuzzydave, beags and shiggy in the LF chatter.  
22:08:08> well heck, i guess I'd better log in, too.\  
darkstar> Shit, it's been nearly a year since I was here last.  
darkstar> Place smells musty.  
deathburger> If that's darkstar someone tie him down so he stays!  
shigpit> oh mah gawd  
shigpit> db, you don't want to tie d* down.  
darkstar> Howdy all!  
deathburger> I thought that stampy was familiar.  
Schauspieler> damn, this is the quickest I've gone thru levels, was lvl 35 end of april, lvl 36 over the weekend, now only 885xp from 37, I'm on fire  
FuzzyDave> werd, shiggy. that's the meter starts running. and i don't have that kinda swag on me.  
Schauspieler> Darkstar!!!!!!!  
darkstar> Thirty-whaaa? Level 37???  
darkstar> Hey Schau!  
darkstar> When did LF get more levels?  
Schauspieler> yup!  
darkstar> holy crap, i'm level fifty three!  
deathburger> bb added a bunch of new ones recently. Goes up to 60 something I think.  
Schauspieler> earlier this year  
Schauspieler> 75 db :)  
!! darkstar is around.  
darkstar> "Versed"? what the hell kinda lame is that? I used to be an LF God or something.  
darkstar> heh...same old chatter, though  
shigpit> making your way in the world today takes everything you got ... taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot ... wouldn't you like to get away ... sometimes you gotta go where everybody knows your name ...  
Schauspieler> "A God I tell you! A GOD!!!"  
pdxpogo> damn!!!!1  
darkstar> heya db, pogo!  
FuzzyDave> darkstar: i'm a "Gold Star User" now. Sounds like if you get high enough on the LF ladder, you need Crotch Powder.  
pdxpogo> though you had started your political career and disavowed us ;-) you just made my year ;-)  
shigpit> LOL!  
darkstar> Hey, it's MEDICATED.  
Schauspieler> yeah, but the late night chatters not the same without you, I gotta but up with pogo and DB LOL  
Schauspieler> errr, put up....butt up don't sound right  
pdxpogo> LOL schaus we keep you honest  
darkstar> well, i occasionally loft thru here to scope out links, but because i'm not logged in, i seldom see the chatter (at the bottom of the screen). I happened to scroll past and saw the Usual Suspects in chatter.  
FuzzyDave> sounds about right from this angle  
pdxpogo> DB and I don't swing that way butt....  
Schauspieler> LOL  
!! jones is around.  
FuzzyDave> pogo, you and ds gots Rough Trade written all over ya.  
!! azkrat is around.  
!! Champthom just posted How Your Tax Dollars Support the Boy Scouts of America.  
pdxpogo> wel it is just wonderful seeing all the anchients in the chatter at once  
FuzzyDave> errr... db  
Schauspieler> Yeah, you keep me honest, pogo....DB just makes me post links with "triple dog dares"  
darkstar> holy cow, and jones, too!  
* * * shigpit grabs the vine and swings and jumps into the lake  
pdxpogo> you mean db ds is a metro guy  
darkstar> Hey, I'm "bendy".  
Schauspieler> ummmmm....shiggy, that's the sewage pond....  
pdxpogo> jones has been logging in never really has much to say  
FuzzyDave> prolly not jones, but glitch in drag  
shigpit> schazzy, i'm a pig, remember?  
pdxpogo> heh  
darkstar> So how's things going round these parts?  
Schauspieler> LOL! I just nearly spit my Dr Pepper over that, Fuzzy  
shigpit> FD, I know you want to drag Glitch, but it's probably not a good idea.  
pdxpogo> Hebrew brand  
darkstar> Hey JONES! Where's Link??  
darkstar> :)  
pdxpogo> it is a kinder gentler linkfilter anymore darkstar  
shigpit> d*, things are good here. how's things there?  
* * * crataegus looks innocent.  
!! timecube is around.  
pdxpogo> kinda boring really but you know it is still better than TV  
darkstar> Last I heard, Link was supposed to be heading to shiggy's pad...  
Schauspieler> wait a move the "t" and the "g" you get OMG!!  
darkstar> things are good here. it's 4:25 am  
shigpit> crat, innocent as much as britney spears is.  
pdxpogo> still in the south of France?  
shigpit> d*, I have no Link.  
pdxpogo> must be time zones and all  
!! rollo3 is around.  
darkstar> yeh, in france. i head back home permanently in August.  
Schauspieler> w00t! level 37 now, Yay!  
pdxpogo> wow short timer  
FuzzyDave> Yay Shausi!  
darkstar> congrats, schau!  
shigpit> drop't schau?  
FuzzyDave> Suck the Teat of the Sacred Cow!!  
* * * shigpit offers a piggy nipple  
pdxpogo> damn now he is gonna have a swelled head all night  
Schauspieler> LOL  
crataegus> I was spamming his posts to convince him to make me disco fries.  
pdxpogo> not only leveled up but blessed by the anchients  
!! amberella posted a poll 'Your Favorite Planet'.  
fabulon7> What the hell is going on here?  
darkstar> it's a damn funky rumpus, fab!  
crataegus> you're caught in a time warp  
fabulon7> I dig.  
darkstar> strangest damn thing i ever saw  
cornpone> that's what i'm talking about, fab. wtf?  
pdxpogo> the joint is jumpin  
darkstar> holy frijoles: i's pone!  
!! Schauspieler posted a poll 'Were you there for the "Great Linkfilter Chatter Reunion of 2006"?'.  
fabulon7> w. t. f.  
!! nenequesadilla is around.  
cornpone> all of a sudden it's a troll parade. what gives???  
darkstar> is there some strange stellar thing going on tonight?  
cornpone> :)  
darkstar> Screw you, hippie!  
FuzzyDave> "I sucked the hairy teat of an LF Sacred Cow and All I got was this t-shirt. Oh, and this lip fungus thing."  
crataegus> I think Mercury must be in retrograde, only no one noticed.  
!! Aphexian is around.  
Schauspieler> and it's cornpone! Yay!  
* * * darkstar hugs everyone in the chatter  
fabulon7> The moon is very bright out here.  
* * * fabulon7 hugs everyone except darkstar.  
FuzzyDave> My moon's a fuckin' tard  
* * * fabulon7 has his reasons.  
pdxpogo> jump in lurkers get your chatter caught next to immortals ;-)  
* * * shigpit pats cornpone on the back, realize he's mounted a female unicorn, then backs. away. slowly.  
darkstar> You...  
* * * fabulon7 wants you to stop asking about the f'ing reasons, OK?  
* * * fabulon7 caves in to pressure and hugs darkstar too.  
crataegus> um, ok, fab...  
darkstar> fab has to be careful around me, lest my animal magnetisms prove too irresistible...  
* * * darkstar slips fab some tongue  
pdxpogo> if that drunk journalist from Alaska/Tennessee showed up to talk with crickets...  
darkstar> sorry.  
!! bgruagach is around.  
cornpone> /p shiggy /spelling/unicorn=unicorn.-  
* * * Schauspieler hugs fab, my favorite Canuck  
shigpit> d*, at least buy him dinner first.  
shigpit> sorry, cornpone.  
fabulon7> All this attention is making me wooooozy.  
pdxpogo> schaus neb=ver met a canuck he wouldn't do  
* * * Schauspieler gets some maple syrup and mayonaise STAT!  
fabulon7> A wise policy.  
Schauspieler> LOL pogo  
crataegus> Yes, he has...but he's related to those ones  
fabulon7> I have some real maple syrup in my fridge right now.  
!! Autodafe is around.  
darkstar> mmm...poutine and maple syrup  
shigpit> Is that a Canuck Luther?  
Schauspieler> it's like a dollar a gallon there  
pdxpogo> Irish Vermonters favorite drink  
Schauspieler> lol  
fabulon7> I'll bet you can get maple syrup poutine somewhere.  
!! Schauspieler posted a poll 'Have you ever met a Canuck you wouldn't do?'.  
darkstar> Here's a great tragedy of LF:  
darkstar> too far away to enjoy a maple syrup poutine with each other.  
shigpit> Webcam! International Poutine Meeting!  
fabulon7> I'll bet that's a blessing.  
Schauspieler> I'm thinking Mr McEyestabby and I are going to have poutine for dinner tonight  
pdxpogo> settle for VFodka and Splenda?  
fabulon7> Poutine is tasty.  
Schauspieler> LMAO Shiggy!  
crataegus> We better.  
fabulon7> But none of that cheese and gravy on fries cheap-assed substitute.  
darkstar> "poutine" a euphemism?  
fabulon7> Although that is also tasty.  
Schauspieler> VFodka? is that cheaper than Povovs?  
* * * shigpit hooks up the webcam and opens up his (cabinet) and whips out his (maple syrup) and spreads it all over his (fries?)  
darkstar> hahaha  
fabulon7> Ummm...I meant the fries with cheese & gravy.  
* * * fabulon7 asks Shiggy how the Devils did tonight.  
darkstar> hahahaha!  
shigpit> Devils12 2 Hurricanes 3  
shigpit> dammit. We lost 3-2.  
pdxpogo> Them Mighty Ducks are looking strong  
darkstar> I did the gnocchi thing tonight with the girls.  
Schauspieler> "I'm going to make hot, sweet poutine to you tonight, baby!"  
FuzzyDave> my elderly mother is -- i swear ta god -- a huge hockey fan. She loves the Ducks.  
shigpit> Poot-ting.  
fabulon7> The worst Canadian food product of all time.  
crataegus> I'm gonna make sweet poutine to ya, woman. I'm gonna lay you down by the fryer.  
Schauspieler> "Can't get enuff of your poutine, baby"  
shigpit> Pooty Poot brand Poutine!  
pdxpogo> Pooteen is Irish hooch moonshine pop skull  
crataegus> So the immitation spam is better than that, fab?  
darkstar> map-o-spread? da hell?  
shigpit> You're Poutine, you're beautiful, and you're MINE!  
crataegus> That's pronounced a bit differently though, pogo.  
FuzzyDave> Poutine Tang is my favorite Negro  
fabulon7> I liked Biggie Shorty.  
darkstar> i think the worst "food" product I've ever seen was cuitlacoche.  
!! dragonmage is around.  
darkstar> or, a big ol' can of corn smut.  
darkstar> nice an slimy  
pdxpogo> Po Tine Tang is a crazy Chinese guy  
cornpone> lmfao  
fabulon7> map-o-spread is gritty, vaguely maple-flavoured, brown, sugary goo. You are supposed to put it on toast.  
Schauspieler> I dunno fab, that meat, cheese, macaroni loaf looked pretty bad  
FuzzyDave> the last corn smut i saw had madtbone wearing assless chaps.  
shigpit> Vegemite, anyone?  
shigpit> LOLOLOL  
fabulon7> Oh yeah. I forgot that was Canadian.  
crataegus> Vegemite is nummy.  
pdxpogo> pauchiWish I was in the land o cotton Poutine there is not forgotten  
Schauspieler> that or the Mock Chicken Loaf  
!! cherwilco is around.  
pdxpogo> Marmite you heretic  
!! Champthom posted a poll 'Be honest, fellas - when talking to a woman, do you look their breasts a majority of the time?'.  
Schauspieler> LOOK AWAY!  
darkstar> Cuitlacoche is corn that forgot to wipe.  
fabulon7> hahaha -- I'm amazed you remember that.  
fabulon7> Yeah, I saw a picture of cuitlacoche once. That was enough.  
darkstar> It leaves an impression.  
!! GhettoBodhi is around.  
!! scilec is around.  
!! Conception is around.  
crataegus> I like Marmite, too, but Vegemite is nummier.  
FuzzyDave> [email protected]  
!! Schauspieler posted a poll 'You Must Worst Canadian food product'.  
darkstar> Well, on that appetizing note, and the fact that it's approaching dawn, I'd best trundle off to bed.  
crataegus> Vegemite tastes better on toast. Marmite tastes better in mashed potatoes.  
shigpit> gnight darkie. don't be a stranger to the 'filter.  
darkstar> Great chatting with you all! Take care.  
Schauspieler> Good Night darkstar! *hugs*  
pdxpogo> night d* thanks for stopping by!  
FuzzyDave> bone wheat, moan fryer  
fabulon7> It's nowhere near dawn, but I have to wake up in 6 hours. I'm going too.  
crataegus> gnight darkstar  
darkstar> *hugs all 'round*  
* * * fabulon7 is actually following darkstar to bed....  
shigpit> As am I.  
shigpit> It's our lucky night!  
Schauspieler> hehe, night fab  
shigpit> Erm ...  
shigpit> g'night everyone.  
FuzzyDave> night all. Thanks for the plug, Champers!  
Schauspieler> WooHoo! LF Orgy!  
FuzzyDave> that didn't come out right.  
fabulon7> Heheh. Buenos Nachos, doritos!  
* * * FuzzyDave hops off the couch, trips, realizes DB has tied his shoelaces and hops off to bed....  
pdxpogo> night fuzzyone  
crataegus> gnight, fd  
Schauspieler> night fuzzy  
* * * deathburger chuckles  
deathburger> Bye to everyone who's leaving...  
Hugh2d2: Damn! I missed the return of da' King!
Bud Tugly: I'm pleased at how FD reacted to my having his old avatar.  
He gets it - and my already high esteem for him has increased a few pegs.  
If he comes back full time to LF & wants his avatar back - all he has to do is ask.
Kassi42: The chatter was better than the movie...  
: ( I missed it, too.