The Month of Foo
Posted by deathburger 12 years ago
For the month of May, we have all this crap we're supposed to be worrying about in addition to everything else:  
Ultraviolet Awareness Month, Allergy / Asthma Awareness Month, Arthritis Awareness Month, Better Hearing and Speech Month, Better Sleep Month, Breath Easy Month, Correct Posture Month, Digestive Diseases Awareness Month, Hepatitis Awareness Month, High Blood Pressure Awareness Month, Melanoma / Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, Mental Health Month, National Barbeque Month, National Bike Month, National Comfort Month, National Community Action Month, National Egg Month, National High Blood Pressure Education Month, National Photo Month, National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, National Salad Month, Neurofibromatosis Month, Older Americans Month, Osteoporosis Prevention, Stroke Awareness Month, Trauma Awareness Month, and last but not least Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  
While I'm sure all that is important stuff, do we really need to make our months so topheavy with guilt? I mean seriously folks. Be honest, how many of those were you actually aware of before reading this journal?  
I hereby declare June to be National Month to Tack On Pretend Holidays Month. Let's celebrate!  
List via Earth Calendar
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Bud Tugly:  
"Better Hearing and Speech Month? That's crazy!"
Hurrah for Better Sleep Month
FoolProof: Zzzzzzzzzzz...