Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
Hey all,  
Kassi's doing much better lately. She visited a doctor on Friday and found out her blood pressure and stress levels were insanely high due to a very stressful week. She got some prescription medication (Klonopin, for those who are interested) to help calm her down and she seems to be adjusting to it very well. She and I have agreed that the healthiest thing for her to do is to remain in Conway and not make any more trips, so she's at the new house now with our cat.  
Phone and DSL service will be hooked up at the new place on Thursday. If you need to contact Kassi, she has my cell phone right now - the number is (913) 634-0724. She's probably lonely, and there's no hot water until Thursday, so maybe you can cheer her up.  
SpearmintFur: Hope she feels better soon.  
I'll probably give her a call if I get bored (thanks free domestic calls from Skype!)
good to hear
thatmikeykid: that things are calming down :)
Hugh2d2: Missing her. She's my best source for health related posts. I think I've gained ten pounds, lost some of my hair and have higher cholesterol since she left.  
Feel better Kass!
thatmikeykid: nevermind the uhm.. dysfunction. :P
shigpit: Is Hugh slipping you the ... droid probe?
Hugh2d2: The more you know about "droid dysfunction," the more you want to know about Viagdroid.
♠ ♥ ♣ ♦
Bud Tugly:  
Bad things happen when you stress your body too much.  
Be well.