Lexx Music
Posted by deathburger 12 years ago
"I love the far reach of Lexx. People from all over the world are enjoying this show. And the mp3s allow my music to be shared and appreciated by people I normally would not have access to. So no, I don't have a problem with it; it's very gratifying to me."  
-- Marty Simon, composer of the soundtrack to Lexx, on the sharing of his music. [source]  
It's a turnaround from the last time I looked. Then he was dead set against it. There is another here where he says "Rock on".  
Last.fm doesn't have the music available to listen to, but you can at least see a track list for the official ones:  
Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories (UK version) Tales From A Parallel Universe (US version) (they are the same, but the UK version has a few tracks combined)  
Lexx soundtrack  
(Fighters fight the fight)  
(For their home and their heart)  
(We fighters will win or die)  
(Forever we are the Brunnen G)  
"...I am of Russian decent, but truthfully the song was composed without any  
specific influence. The toughest part was composing a lyric based on a language  
no one had heard before and getting my singers to sing convincingly and with  
great passion....words which they did not understand!" -- Marty Simon.  
Brigadoom Soundtrack - yes, it's a bootleg. Straight off the episode in fact. No official soundtrack exists for that episode, which is very very vocal in nature as compared to other Lexx tracks. It's interesting to listen to by itself, but you really should see the episode too.. throw a few bucks at the second season on DVD. It's worth it even if Lexx isn't really your thing. I mean, I'm about the last one who would like a musical and it's probably my favorite episode.  
Almost forgot to mention, the id3 tags in those mp3s are screwed up, so if you want an accurate track list you'll have to edit them.
hmarshall: Kickass show and soundtrack. I'm assuming its long off the air as I haven't seen anything regarding it in some time. Hoping they release it to DVD, or have they and I've just not seen it?
deathburger: Season 1 (I think)  
Season 2  
Season 3  
Season 4, part 1 and part 2.  
They're not cheap.
hmarshall: Sweet! I'm guessing the first one is 'season one' as well, they just don't call it that, but the others do follow right behind it. A bit pricey, but I can get a set or two at a time. It looks like the 'first season' may take a bit of searching, Amazon shows it as no longer available.  
Excellent show, but hell I'd buy'em just to see more of Xenia Seeberg. Thanks for the followup DB!
deathburger: Actually I have a copy of her shower scene on my computer somewhere, I think it was from season 4. Very nice. ;)