Theme Day of 06/06/06
Posted by deathburger 13 years ago
Instead of it being National Emo Kid Beatdown Day here at LF, I (with some inspiration by a couple posts from ILuvNUFC) hereby suggest that it be Abandoned Day.  
Post all the cool abandoned stuff you can find!  
That person who bikes through Chernobyl has been posted already, as has Action Squad. FYI.
deathburger: Journal Ad
Action Squad
FoolProof: Rules.
deathburger: Yeah, after I found the link again I was compelled to start reading even though I spent hours upon hours reading it all once before. I did stuff similar to what they do, but nowhere near as seriously or as much.
FoolProof: Heh. Yeah, me too. We used to go all kinds of cool places. That was back in high school, though.
FoolProof: Getting older and being responsible sucks.