Fox News vs. MSNBC
Posted by Bud Tugly 12 years ago
ConfederateYankee tips us here to Ray Robinson's new feature at The Saddam Dossier. Put simply, FoxNews has found a specialist and assigned him to dive into the untranslated docs being published on the web by the military.  
What a concept! - original reporting on crucial primary documents left untouched by the mainstream media (MSM).  
Meanwhile, the collapsing LA Times runs a sympathy piece on its television counterpart, MSNBC:  
For NBC Universal — whose parent General Electric has long preached the need to be No. 1 or 2 in every business segment — MSNBC has become the Problem That Can't Be Fixed.
So, what to do with the "Problem That Can't Be Fixed"? It appears that MSNBC will adopt the LA Times' strategy of changing nothing on the theory that it is the audience that is too stupid to pay attention:  
The network has yet to name a replacement [for Rick Kaplan]. Early speculation has centered on Phil Griffin, a veteran MSNBC producer who helps oversee NBC's "Today Show." But NBC News President Steve Capus cautioned that viewers should expect a tune-up rather than a salvage job.  
"There's no need to scrap everything and start from scratch," Capus said in a interview Friday. "We're not going to completely change direction…. I see it as part of the continual evolution of this channel." Capus added that he's especially pleased with ratings growth for Matthews' "Hardball" and Olbermann's "Countdown." Capus said that, in contrast to a year or so ago, he now believes MSNBC is in "a good place."  
Still, it's clear that some major changes are on the way.
So... the MSNBC brain trust, that will try and fix the problem, appears to consist primarily of those who helped make the problem. Riiiiight.  
Lots of people watch lots of cable news, they just don't watch MSNBC.  
They do watch FNC.  
And NBC just can't figure out why.  
Is it possible that the politics of the NBC brass might be getting in the way, as it does in the management offices of the LA Times?  
Click here for FoxNews' 1st installment of "The Saddam Dossier".
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