Posted by deathburger 12 years ago
The soldiers are lining up, bolstering their ranks. There are more of them than I can count. They march back and forth, readying themselves for the coming attack. Unchallenged, they would take over everything. Reinforcements are always just out of sight waiting for their orders. Disciplined, single-minded, and persistent they are. They fight to the last.  
But they will not win this battle. I have a weapon they can't resist.  
Kassi42: We've got them REAL bad outside our house right now, too. We keep spraying but they keep coming back. We haven't found their energy source yet or exactly where they're hiding when they're not around.  
Seeing as I've been reading a lot about the holocaust, it's been a little difficult for me to deal with the daily masacres, so I let Greg do that. His willingness may or may not have to do with the fact that he supports the death penalty.
deathburger: Terro makes an outdoor "roach motel" for the ants. Maybe just spiking two or three of those in the ground near the house would do the trick.  
(that's my next mission btw)