Ex is up to her BS again
Posted by Birdieguy 12 years ago
I don't even know why I'm wasting one more minute of my time with this, but I'm frankly just sick of the bullshit, and want it to stop. I get home the other day, and my wife tells me that my ex posted on her yahoo profile that "Steph and I need to stay out of her life." I'm flabbergasted, of course. There hasn't been any contact between us since she mailed my entire family a bunch of lewd stuff that someone spread around about her (she thought it was me).  
Once again, I've apparently been accused of something I did not do.  
Anyway, my wife and I both sent her a few messages requesting that she remove our names from her profile. All she does is take out our last name. For some stupid reason, she won't take it out. I guess it's another one of her desperate attempts at getting attention... who knows... But it remains true that if someone posts this, either what I just mentioned is true, or she is being harassed by someone and naively thinking it's me.  
Sorry to disappoint you, but I couldn't care any less about you! You don't exist to me anymore.  
So how do I handle this? Ignore it? Reinforce we want the false accusations to cease? Turn her in for ... I guess defamation of character? LOL Play along with it and be in her life - and make it unbearable - until she acknowledges our request?  
No surprise that the things that keep popping up where she is concerned are directly consistent with the way it ended with her: Me being accused of something I did not do.  
Geeeeez............... What a waste of thought.  
Silly question...
shigpit: ... if she doesnt matter to you what are you doing checking out her profile?  
You can contact Yahoo about the harassment, they might listen.
Birdieguy: I hadn't been - my wife had checked her profile, and showed me this recent update.