World War 3 Has Begun
Posted by Psychomike 12 years ago
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world war 3 has begun  
There were two reasons to go into Iraq. One was WMD. But the other forgotten reason- was to sit on top of Iran and Syria.  
Within a week, we will find out if that second reason was correct.  
Iran has thrown in with Lebanon, thus giving Israel the reason it needed to attack Iran. They are already hitting targets near Syria.  
This is no longer about a captured soldier.  
It's about a region that has allowed this to escalate because they simply don't want a democracy in the area.  
My guesses are: troops in Lebanon within days, Iran to be hit if it accepts hostage Israeli soldiers or if Iran sends troops into Lebanon.  
Oh yeah and by the way we finally got to try Reagans Star Wars defense. It worked. See below. So why were liberals against this?  
WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE — It was a picture-perfect pre-dawn Wednesday and a picture-perfect launch at White Sands Missile Range.  
Hundreds of miles above southern New Mexico, it was a picture-perfect impact between two missiles.  
The morning sky above the Tularosa Basin was painted in every color of the rainbow — hues ranging from iridescent purples to emerald greens and pastel blues, pinks and electric whites against the darkness of space.  
The pre-dawn art show was the result of the third of five tests planned at White Sands Missile Range to determine the effectiveness of THAAD — Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile. And military officials said the test went better than they could have hoped.  
"This was phenomenal," said U.S. Army Col. Charles Driessnack, the project manager for the Missile Defense Agency's THAAD program. "It performed as expected."  
Here is the latest:  
Israel has hit hundreds of targets in Lebanon since last night, as part of its effort to force the release of two soldiers captured by Hezbollah guerrillas, a top Israeli general said today.  
Maj Gen Udi Adam, the chief of Israel's northern command, said Israel was targeting infrastructure in Lebanon that held rockets and other arsenals belong to Hezbollah.  
Hezbollah guerrillas launched more than 80 rockets and mortars into Israel as well today.  
"I imagine over time that we will be able to rid ourselves of this threat entirely," he said.  
He also said the army was not ruling out sending ground troops into Lebanon, but was not planning a massive call up of reserves.  
He also did not rule out targeting Hezbollah's leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. "All operations are legitimate to wipe out terror," he said.  
Israel has information that Lebanese guerrillas who captured two Israeli soldiers are trying to transfer them to Iran, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said.  
Regev did not disclose the source of his information. Hezbollah guerrillas seized the soldiers yesterday in a cross-border raid. Israel has since attacked Lebanon by air and sea, and has sent in troops to look for the captured soldiers.  
Israel's Cabinet held an emergency meeting that decided to respond forcefully to Hezbollah's cross-border raid yesterday when its guerrillas captured two Israeli soldiers and demanded a prisoner exchange.  
Hugh2d2: You report this with such glee.  
Yes, your guys have probably successfully started WW3. Congratulations. Mission Accomplished.  
Sleep well.
glitch p-udding: how does it feel to finally orgasm after having that gigantic world war errection for so long?  
Because I predicted it doesn't mean I had any influence on the decision.  
Thinking it does not make it so.But check out my comments and the link here:  
PsychoMike predicts  
By the way. How come Star Wars works?
Too bad Hamas didn't read this:  
Hamas Is Now A State  
Lets see the left was wrong about Star Wars, McCarthy, Hamas, Palestine, scattered suite housing, public housing....  
that just leaves global warming.  
you had better be right.
Saw a report on TV
LowFlyingMule: while I was at the gym tonight. I had to read the close-captioning, couldn't hear, but it seemed to say that a  
unit of Iranian soldiers were in Lebanon and firing missiles into Israel. That could escalate the situation, draw Iran in  
if Israel wipes those Iranians out. Which they probably will do.  
crataegus: optimist
LowFlyingMule: Bottled water. Lots of it, and ammo, too.  
/me ready to go out to my "Secret compound" in Utah, ride this thing out.
PAgent: "They can hold all the peace talks they want, but there will never be peace in the Middle East. Billions of years from now, when Earth is hurtling toward the Sun and there is nothing left alive on the planet except a few microorganisms, the microorganisms living in the Middle East will be bitter enemies."  
-- Dave Barry