Glitch and I are walking away..
Posted by potatono 13 years ago
As you may have noticed, linkfilter has been down for a few days. Although the screen read technical difficulties, it really was from administrative difficulties. Some of you may have surmised this by now, and assume that this has to do with recent drama between some users who will remain nameless. This is not exactly the case. The recent drama on linkfilter has been a symptom of a ongoing problem, that ultimately neither Glitch nor I have any time or patience to deal with the day to day drama that seems to plague this community. When recent events threatened to involve lawyers or the FBI, it became clear that we could not continue to run the site. The "Technical Difficulties" page went up and plans were made to shut down for good.  
The six year legacy of linkfilter is something that I found very difficult to walk away from. Its something I've thought about doing for quite some time now, and only Glitch's insistance and help from users like Beaglebot have kept the site around for so long. For their hard work they've received very little but grief, and their jobs have been thankless ones. I want to sincerely and personally thank them for all their hard work and persistance over the years. I owe you both more beers than I could ever repay.  
That said, linkfilter is not going away. Darkstar has stepped up to be the sole responsible party for linkfilter. This will be a three month trial, which if successful will result in the code and data being turned over to him to run on his own servers. Glitch and myself are removing our names and email addresses from the site, except to credit as creators. The administration email account will no longer show up in our email boxes. Any problems or concerns by the users will have to go through Darkstar, and whomever he appoints to help him.  
Keep in mind that this is a trial period. Should the site flounder, I will not hesitate to shut it down. If such a thing were to occur, the database would be sterilized to protect identities and released publically. I am also open to suggestions, so feel free to make them. Right now, my primary concern is to get the site back up and running and to remove myself and Glitch as responsible parties.  
Thank you to all the users who have helped keep linkfilter around all these years.  
Thank You
thatmikeykid: For everything. I think most of us do understand or at least respect the thanklessness of your positions.  
There's not much else to say, really.  
I'd also like to thank Darkstar for stepping up as he did. That's incredible, even if it's not a sure thing. Kudos.
shigpit: Yeah, ditto. Ditto ditto ditto.  
Justin and Eric are still teh r0x0rs, though.
Thank you for everything
crataegus: ...and please keep us posted about!
glitch p-udding: I would like to add that users should not make assumptions about who was responsible for the problems that led to the temporary shutdown. Unsavory users took advantage of a situation that had nothing to do with them and invented trouble for Justin, myself and others.  
I say this not to encourage an angry search for the culprits, but to defend those who might be falsely accused. Just let it go.  
One other thing:  
The fate of linkfilter, now more than ever, is in your hands.  
metreiya: I was so far out of the loop as to be essentially clueless as to what was going on. And still am.  
I can appreciate problems caused by unthinking and uncaring sub-humans.  
You have my full support in what ever decisions you make. After all this is your show, and you can do what you want.  
Pity that some folks get their jollies by jerking around others.  
You did good
kingskyprawn: You folks put a lot of sweat and tears into a free resource for so many. Let me be one of the many to say a heartfelt "Thank You!" for all your efforts.  
humandoing: thanks for linkfilter. long may it go on.
yay for LF being back up
boojit: YAY!  
Thanks for everything guys
subtek: I've been participating quietly for quite some time now and really appreciate all that you've done. LF is my favorite place on the 'net and I hope it can continue.  
Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.  
Site is not acting properly
but who knows...I had to delete cookies and reallow them to get the site to load.  
Is this the end, guys?
Lord Voldemort!
Horpy SpoonDigger: "users who will remain nameless". It had to be him. Everyone is afraid to speak HIS name.
lorddimwit: Had to happen, I suppose.  
I won't editorialize too much, but as a fairly long-time user, I suppose I have license to say that yes, there's been a lot of nasty stuff on this site in the past, especially the recent past, but there have been a lot of good things too. People came to this site and stuck around for a reason. Now if only we could figure out what that was...  
All the same, I can understand your desire to distance yourself from the site. Like the others here, I'd like to offer my thanks for the huge amounts of effort you've put into this project, and to let you know that there are still people who are invested in it, even if, like myself, they don't participate very often anymore.  
I hope that sometime in the not too distant future LF will have again turned into a place that you guys might want to visit.
Many, many thanks to potatono and glitch!
darkstar: Thank you for a wonderful community and all your hard work to maintain it for so many years.  
You've touched many hearts and lives and we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude.  
I've posted a journal entry as well, here, outlining some of my thoughts on stepping into the role of Managing Director (or whatever you call it).  
I hope you both continue to be contributing members on LF - we love you.  
Hugh2d2: I'd like to thank Al Gore, for inventing the interwebs and potatono and glitch for giving me a home on said interwebs.  
bozino: There's nothing I can add that hasn't already been said. Thanks to Eric & Justin & Beaglebot for all their contributions over the years. And thanks to d* for picking up the responsibility.
Mac: werd
Thank you.
Darwish: For me, Linkfilter will always be what teh internets is for.
My 2 cents
Birdieguy: I think it's unfortunate that there was an incident which led to this decision, but I can certainly understand how stepping down is the easiest way to prevent any future incidents for you. In any aspect of life, sometimes it's simply much more enjoyable to be one of the group than its leader.  
You two have done a great job, and I hope I speak for everyone when I say that I believe you've created a legacy which will surely continue to thrive... and strongly.
Many thanks
vinfille: for your work, and creating such a great community. Many hopes that it will continue in a new-and-improved mode.
LinusMines: For more than two years now, LF has been a regular experience for me...that's over 100 weeks of unspoken gratitude to you and glitch for the work you've done as creators. The diligence of our admins, along with the efforts of users themselves in keeping this place inviting and stimulating, can't be ignored either, but your willingness to keep LF going this far has earned my admiration and thanks.  
So...thank you again. Really. For everything.  
Thank you for a real good time.
GROtongueOVE: Can't imagine what it will be like if vanishes...  
Thanks for everything you've done. It's been the first page I check every morning for a few years now. The one I come back to several times a day. The homepage on all my machines.  
"Without impermanence, nothing would be possible. With impermanence, every door is open for change."  
lorddimwit: Even the door to the changing room? In my opinion, shopping for pants is not a spectator sport.
darkstar: Don't look behind those mirrors, then...
bozino: down with pants!
JHarris: While I wonder about the reasons behind all this, it is nice that the site will still be around, for a little while at least.
good job and good luck
jeffro: you guys did a fantastic job for many years, thanks for everything. You better beleive whatever you guys have planned in the future i'll be a fan.  
Good luck to the new management!  
ILuvNUFC: Thanks for all your hard work over the years guys.  
And thanks to Darkstar for taking up the reins.  
Linkfilter has always been the first page I've visited on the net every day for 3-4 years now although it took me a long time to sign up and start posting.  
I'm sorry
No Pants Fogarty: I'll put on pants or whatever it takes.  
Taking away linkfilter and my ability to pirate stuff equals me canceling my internet service indefinitly.
No Pants Fogarty: By the way,  
Thank You Potatono  
Thank You Glitch