Dear Friends on the American Left,
Posted by Bud Tugly 12 years ago


Dear Friends on the American Left,  
Thank you for the support of our campaign to counter the aggression of Israel and the Zionist dominated United States. I particularly want to thank Daily Kos for this post supporting our vision of a world without Israel.  
We are brothers together in our vision of a world without the modern, moderate democracy of Israel. May Allah bless your deeds.  
I pledge to you, in thanks for your bold vision and work to defeat the Zionist Bush regime, these two concessions:  
1.) When Israel has been destroyed, we shall allow any Jewish homosexuals we find still alive in the new Palestine, to marry before we cut off their heads.  
2.) We will institute a socialized medicine scheme to pay for free clitorectomies of the Jewish women we enslave for the sexual pleasure of our men. We do not want the women to enjoy the rapings too much! <- (A little joke.)  
Once again, thank you for your support!  
Sincerely yours,  
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  
Supreme Leader of Iran
glitch p-udding: i love it when your posts look like the drudge report. i like that you go for the whole experience...the utter nonsense and the unpleasant visuals.
glitch p-udding: you should be putting this at the top, tho.  
FoolProof: ROFL
Bud Tugly: That's a WAY better light than what Drudge has got.  
I'm stealing it for evil right-wing purposes!