Posted by Darwish 12 years ago
Pictures, as promised, from my last inspection, when I released the queens.  
I left the queens in their cages for a week, plenty of time for the bees to dig the new queen. Here she is in her cage, with a lot of happy bees feeding and grooming her through the wire mesh:  
Here is a picture of spotty brood pattern. Ideally, in this picture the frame should be covered in capped brood cells. As you can see, much of the brood has been removed. The bees will remove any brood they think is diseased or unhealthy, which results in the spotty brood pattern.  
In the picture, I am squishing an emergency queen cell.  
In order to fit the queen cages into the hives, I had to remove a frame. In this picture, you can see where the bees are already taking advantage of the extra space to build more comb.  
Silly bees
vinfille: Wouldn't move long enough for me to get a clear shot of the queen.
lagbnaft: Very nice!
FoolProof: You guys - gloves = crazy.  
The don't cost that much! Get a pair! :)
FoolProof: Now, mind ya, I don't react very well to beestings. My throat doesn't swell up or anything like that but I do get some painful, nasty swelling.
vinfille: Dar gets severe localized reactions, too, but the gloves (which we do own) are fairly clumsy and not suited for delicate work. I'm a chicken and always wear the gloves. Dar has nerves of steel.
FoolProof: Good to know one of you has some sense. :)