Checking for Queen Acceptance, 20 July 2006
Posted by Darwish 12 years ago
Went in for an inspection to check for queen acceptance. I spotted the queen in one hive, and noticed larvae in both hives. I did not notice any eggs, but this may have been to poor light conditions. Those teeny little eggs are hard to find.  
Both hives are doing so-so, which is not good. They should be building up much faster. The season up here is short, so they need to work hard to take advantage of the honey flows.  
A complicating factor is that the bees are not accepting the new plastic foundation I gave them this year. They seem reluctant to draw it out, and sometimes they draw it out all funky. I have to take out two frames of honey and extract them, since they have drawn the foundation out waaay too far, without even touching the two adjacent frames.  
I spotted one of the new queens. Here is a picture, see if you can find her (click for bigger):  
cornpone: heh.
vinfille: Hee hee!  
Only it's probaby Frieda, not Fred.