Posted by Birdieguy 12 years ago
So if all these liquids, creams, and gels were supposed to be mixed together to make bombs, why are they dumping them all together into trash cans inside overly crowded airports?
Mac: Because even if you mixed them properly you'd still need a method of ignition/detonation.
Birdieguy: It's easier to throw a match in a trash can than it was to take some saline solution or eye drops onto an airplane.
Mac: A match won't do's a bit of a more complex ignition sequence.
FoolProof: /me throws an iPod in Mac's garbage can.
Also, may not have been an explosive
kingskyprawn: One theory goes that the liquids were to be combined to make a poison gas that would spread and kill everyone in the plane (Gases On A Plane!).  
Hopefully the chemical brew in the trash barrel would both dilute and screw up the chemical reaction, producing less poison gas in the big expansive terminal than a confined plane.
yeah, I'm sure they planned their overflowing garbage cans in front of security carefully with all that in mind.  
Why don't they just ask that people take a drink of whatever fluids they want to carry on the plane? Are some liquid explosives edible?
FoolProof: Are some liquid explosives edible?  
Oh, gawd, I hope so.
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