Good move.
Posted by Bud Tugly 12 years ago


glitch p-udding: finally, a bold statement with the intellecual backing of vivica fox and pat sajack.
shigpit: Damn, they must have left off my signature.  
If you don't sign a statement saying that terrorism is bad, the terrorists win.
At all cost?
pdxpogo: That is a pretty big check those friends of Zion have signed. Terror like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Israel may enjoy the fact that "Hamas and Hezbollah" started "it" first but I think that is a very myopic point of view. The founding of the modern state of Israel and the displacement of Palestinians has to be the start of this never ending war.  
There will be no happy endings in the mid-east as long as religion rules the minds of its inhabitants.  
As they say in Hollywood there can be only one!