A Smacking I'll Never Forget
Posted by Birdieguy 12 years ago
For the longest time in my life, my all-time list of favorite bands began with "Rush, Metallica..." About 5-6 years ago, Dream Theater impressed me enough to not only make the list, but take over the first spot. No, they are by no means a leader in the genre we call rock music. They're obscure, but have a solid devoted following, and are the most talented musicians on the planet.  
Over the course of several decades, there were bands who could be thought of as ones who "led the genre" (whatever that may be, but in this case it's hard rock 'n' roll). Surely at one time it was Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Rush & Pink Floyd in their own one-of-a-kind live show way, and probably Aerosmith and AC/DC at one time. But for the last, say, 10 or 12 years, that leader was Metallica... until now...  
The new leader is Godsmack. Not only that, but I believe they have surpassed Metallica to 3rd on my list. We'll see what happens to them now that they are in such a position. It didn't bode well for Metallica, who haven't done a great job with their fame & fortune (not to mention their music) since then. Kudos to the guys of Aerosmith, Rush, and Pink Floyd who have lasted, and become legends in their own right.  
Last night was the Godsmack, Rob Zombie, and Shinedown show, and I had to share some of the pretty good pictures we got. These were excellent seats, and they should be ...for as much as we paid for them. Seeing a concert at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater has actually sucked until last night, but it's a top-notch venue when you're this close!